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In 1672 a Dutch mob murdered and ate their Prime Minister, John de Witt. One was said to have feasted on his eyeball.

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Jerome De Witt, owner of the watch manufacturer DeWitt is a 5th generation descendant of emperor Napoleon. Having bought 2 auctions containing Napoleon’s hair for $37,000, Jerome is planning to build & sell 500 limited-edition watches (~$10,000/watch) each containing a strand of Napoleon’s hair.

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  1. about Johan de Witt, a Dutch politician who angered the people so greatly they lynched and ate him.

  2. After being deposed by the Orangists during the "Year of Disaster", Johan de Witt (Grand Pensionary of the Dutch Republic) and his brother Cornelis were lynched by a mob, their bodies mutilated and allegedly cannibalized.

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