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When Brian De Palma was forced to recut 'Scarface' to achieve a rating of R instead of X, he argued that the changes were so minor that no one would notice if he released the X-Rated version anyway. So that's exactly what he did, and he was right: no one noticed.

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Martin Scorsese was introduced to Robert De Niro by Brian De Palma. De Niro and Scorsese would go on to work on many film projects together.

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  1. Ulysses S. Grant served during the Mexican-American War, leading a cavalry charge at the Battle of Resaca de la Palma. He also established an excellent military record and became a seasoned officer.

  2. The first baby born on the continent Antarctica was Emilio Marcos de Palma, on January 7th, 1978. He was also the first in history to be born as far south as he was.

  3. Universal studios repeatedly requested that the movie "Scarface" be released with a "rap score". De Palma, the director, denied all of the requests because he preferred the original score made by Giorgio Moroder

  4. Brian De Palma's cult rock musical horror-comedy "Phantom of the Paradise" was a commercial and critical flop when it premiered, except for in Winnipeg Canada, where it remains inexplicably and enduringly popular to this day

  5. Director Brian De Palma like a fanedit of his film Raising Cain so much that the edit was released on Blu-ray as the official Director's Cut

  6. During the filming of Scarface, Steven Spielberg visited the set and as a gesture of respect, director Brian De Palma passed the director’s chair to him for one shot, where a henchman throws a spike over the wall to scale the roof during the climactic assault on Tony’s Montana's mansion.

  7. When DeNiro beat out Bob Hoskins for the role of Al Capone in "The Untouchables", De Palma mailed Hoskins a check for £20,000 with a "Thank You" note. Hoskins then asked him if there were any more movies he didn't want him to be in.

  8. During the Mexican War Ulysses S Grant served as a quartermaster and led a cavalry charge at the Battle of Resaca de la Palma. At Monterrey, he carried a dispatch through sniper-lined streets while hanging off the side of his horse, keeping the animal between him and the enemy.

  9. Brian De Palma has been nominated for worst director 5 times by the Razzie Awards, yet never won

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