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In the final stages of hypothermia, humans exhibit two strange behaviors; paradoxical undressing, in which a person will remove all their clothes despite being dangerously close to death, and a completely autonomous, instinctual burrowing behavior.

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Martin Luther King's thoughts on Nixon: "Nixon has a genius for convincing one that he is sincere. When you are close to Nixon he almost disarms you with his apparent sincerity. (...) I would conclude by saying that if Richard Nixon is not sincere, he is the most dangerous man in America."

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  1. Some poison dart frogs secrete a painkiller called epibatidine. Epibatidine is 200x more potent than morphine and is nonaddictive, but has a therapeutic dose that is dangerously close to its lethal dose

  2. In an episode of sailor moon, the character Ami (sailor Mercury) downloads a document in her computer class that is meant to be a space engineering paper from Columbia University. However if you look closely at the paper, it's actually the lyrics to "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins.

  3. A waterpark in New Jersey was so dangerous and killed enough people that it was forced to close in 1996

  4. Baby spends first five months in the mother's pouch. After that time, baby will jump out of the pouch but remain close to the mother for additional nursing or protection against danger. At the age of seven months, young wombat is ready to begin a solitary life.

  5. Steenbok freezes and remains motionless in the grass when it is faced with danger. In the case of close encounter with predators, steenbok explosively emerges from the hiding place and starts to run in a zigzag manner. It occasionally hides inside abandoned aardvark's burrows.

  6. Main predators of nautilus are sharks, turtles and octopuses. In the case of danger, nautilus will hide in the shell and close it with leathery hood. Unfortunately, large predators are able to penetrate the shell.

  7. Eugene Kaspersky of the antivirus company is a former KGB agent, works closely with Russia's FSB, thinks social networks are dangerously anti-government, and advocates completely locking down the internet and doing away with online anonymity.

  8. Life in a group increases the chances for survival. Diana monkeys quickly identify threats and produce various calls to inform other members of the group about upcoming danger. Some other species of monkeys often live close to Diana monkeys because of these beneficial "alarm" calls.

  9. In 2014 IKEA was forced to cancel their 1 Euro breakfast in the Netherlands after an overwhelming number of shoppers caused a dangerous traffic jam, which made government decide to close the road.

  10. When tawny frogmouth senses a danger, it erects the head, closes the eyes and freezes the body to create impression of a broken branch. Tawny frogmouth can easily trick its enemies thanks to the bark-like color of the plumage and unusual posture of the body.

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The "Mall of Memphis" was so dangerous, it was nicknamed the "Mall of Murder". It closed in 2003 and was demolished.

The Grumman LLV (long life vehicle) which is the model used by the United States Postal Service (as their postal vans) has a design flaw that increases its chance to catch fire. The fuel lines are prone to leakage and are located dangerously close to flammable instruments such as the fuse box. - source

The old Hong Kong airport (Kai Tak Airport) was world-famous for its dangerous approach on runway 13, bringing it very close to mountains and buildings. There were also 13 fatal accidents on that runway. - source

German City had rent-a-cops watch teenage criminal 24/7 because he was to young for prison and to dangerous for a closed youth facility

Caminito del Rey", dubbed the world's most dangerous pathway, is 3 km long, 1 metre (3.3 ft) in width, and rises over 100 metres (330 ft) above the gorge below, and was closed 14 years ago after five tourists fell to their deaths - source

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On October 12th 2017 a Comet will whiz by earth dangerously close.

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A fungus from northern Australia is getting dangerously close to driving the banana into extinction

That, near the end of his life, Science fiction author Ray Bradbury sought to save several public libraries that were in danger of closing.

About the amazing Maho Beach which is on the island of St Martin in the Caribbean. Due to the beach being right next to the airport, jet liners will fly incredibly close near the beach creating dangerous yet stunning views for the people on the beach.

Eating sushi on a Monday can be dangerous, since most fish markets are closed on Sunday, meaning your sushi is probably days old.

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Eating sushi on a Monday can be dangerous. Most fish markets are closed on Sundays, meaning your sushi is probably days old

In May 2022 the 'asteroid 2009 JF 1' will approach the earth dangerously close so that it can be seen in the sky. The NASA program D.A.R.T. is going to distract it from its course. An unlikely collision would have the power of 15 nuclear bombs. Let us hope that this rock will never hit us

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