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George Tunney was executed via electric chair when he was 14 in 1944 only to have his conviction vacated 70 years later

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Connecticut teacher Julie Amero was convicted of sex offenses after a computer virus caused Porn Pop Ups to be displayed in her classroom. The felony convictions eventually vacated, she was still required to surrender her teaching license.

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  1. In 1944 a 14-year-old was executed by electric chair. George Stinney Jr, a black boy, was accused of murdering 2 white girls. The trial was flimsy, and the jury decided in 10 minutes to execute the teen. In 2014, his conviction was vacated.

  2. In 1944, George Stinney, who was 14, was executed by electric chair for a murder he most likely didn't commit. His conviction was final vacated last year.

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