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Humans' closest relative, Bonobos, have a peaceful female-run society where sex is used to resolve conflict. They "make love, not war."

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Humans are the best known throwers in the animal kingdom. Even children can reach pitching speeds of ~70 mph, while healthy adult chimpanzees, our closest living relatives, can only throw at ~20 mph.

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  1. Our closest animal relative, the Bonobo, is a bisexual species where 60% of sexual encounters are threesomes

  2. Whales closest living relatives are the hippopotamuses.

  3. The closest living relatives to bears are seals and walruses

  4. Humans did not evolve from either of the living species of chimpanzees. Humans and chimpanzees did, however, evolve from a common ancestor. The two modern species (common chimpanzees and bonobos) are humans' closest living relatives.

  5. The closest living relative of the pronghorn (also known as the American antelope) is actually a giraffe

  6. Fashion designer, Edward Windsor, is the closest relative of Queen Elizabeth II who cannot succeed to the British throne because of his conversion to Catholicism.

  7. The closest living relative of bears are pinnipeds, commonly known as seals.

  8. The elephant's closest relative besides manatees and dugongs is a rabbit-sized mammal called the hyrax

  9. The closest living relative of whales are hippos

  10. The hyrax - a small, furred mammal - has its closest living relatives being the elephant and manatee

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Why are lobe-finned fish thought to be the closest relatives to tetrapods?

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The whale is the closest living relative to the hippopotamus

When introduced with problem-solving activities human children behave differently than our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos. Basically, children try to inform the others, collaborate with them as well as sharing emotions while chimps act manipulatively and individually. - source

The closest biological relatives to the Hippos are the Cetaceans(whales and dolphins). Together they make up the suborder Whippomorpha, from whale+hippo. - source

The most common animal found on the mountain is a mammal that resembles a guinea pig called the rock hyrax or the dassie. Although it resembles a guinea pig, its closest relatives are the sirenian and the elephant.

Lobsters are ten-legged creatures, just like shrimps and crabs, their closest relatives.

The brightness of a planet increases when the planet is closest to earth?

Orangutans are one of our closest relatives. They have 32 teeth, like humans and their pregnancy lasts 9 months, just like in women.

How is the closest relative to modern humans?

DNA and the fossil record show that the Hippopotamus closest living relatives are cetaceans – whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Due to similarities in appearance and movement, cuscus was considered to be a close relative of monkey. But it's not. Closest relative of cuscus is opossum.

Kale was an integral part of human diet before the introduction of cabbage (its closest relative), somewhere during the Middle Ages.

Tasmanian tiger looked like large dog with round ears and stiff tail. Name "Tasmanian tiger" refers to the coat covered with dark stripes, while nickname "Tasmanian wolf" refers to the dog-like shape of the body. Despite morphological similarities with wild cats and canids, Tasmanian devil and banded anteater (numbat) are the closest relatives of Tasmanian tiger.

The Prairie Vole (a rodent) is monogamous, while its closest relative the Montane Vole is promiscuous. The ADH receptor gene between the two species is different and cause different behavior. The same gene was injected into a laboratory mouse that showed monogamous behavior afterwards.

When a planet's orbit takes it closest to the sun?

Horse, zebra and tapir are the closest relatives of rhino.

The closest living relative to a Hippo is a whale.

Although hippos resemble pigs physiologically and are pseudoruminants like camels, their closest living relatives are the cetaceans (whales and dolphins)

The Fijian iguanas are a great mystery to scientists, as while they are found on remote Pacific islands, their closest relatives live in South America. Recent evidence now indicates that they may have gotten to their islands by drifting all the way across the Pacific from South America.

Crocodiles are the closest living relative to birds.

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In Pashtun culture, there is a practice of taking revenge against a wrongdoer, by shedding their blood. If out of reach, their closest male relative is targeted instead. With no time limit, this can carry on for generations. It may involve whole tribes and the loss of hundreds of lives.

Asian elephant is the closest living relative of woolly mammoth.

The closest relative to the extinct Dodo is facing extinction too.

Typhus is caused by a class of bacteria called Rickettsia, thought to be the closest living independent relatives of the mitochondria in our cells.

Russia's Tuvan people are the closest genetic relatives to the Indigenous peoples of the Americas

Besides chimpanzees, bonobo is one of the closest relatives of humans with 98% of similarity in its genetic material. Bonobo is highly intelligent and emotional animal.

Closest relatives of hippo are whales and dolphins.

The Nicobar Pigeon, the closest living relative of both the extinct dodo and Rodrigues solitaire. It is the only living member of its genus, Caloenas.

Kiwis are thought to be the closest living relative of the massive (and extinct) Elephant Bird of Madagascar.

The closest living relatives of Sea Cows are Elephants

The closest living relative to the dolphin is the hippopotamus.

The hippo's closest living relative isn't a pig or a horse, but a whale

The closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus rex is the chicken

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