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John Hamm, of Mad Men fame, was suspended from The University of Texas for putting a student's testicles in a claw hammer and leading him around a house while the student was beaten, paddled, and set on fire.

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In Portland, Oregon (2006) a 58 year old husband hired a Hit man to murder his wife. When his wife returned home she encountered an intruder wielding a claw hammer. After a struggle, the 51-year-old nurse fended off her attacker by strangling him with her bare hands.

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  1. Reginald Denny, a dump truck driver, was pulled from his truck by L.A. rioters who smashed his head with a five-pound piece of medical equipment, a slab of concrete and a claw hammer, fracturing his skull in 91 places. The six assailants were cleared of all serious charges.

  2. In 1990, Jon Hamm brutally assaulted a pledge of the Sigma Nu fraternity by setting fire to the pledge's underwear and forcing him around by his testicles with the claw of a hammer.

  3. The majority of war hammers looked more like regular claw hammers on poles than the huge mallets we imagine

  4. While in college actor Jon Hamm was arrested for participating in a violent fraternity hazing incident that involved Hamm leading a student along by the testicles with a hammer claw

  5. In 1994, a FedEx employee attempted to hijack a cargo plane, kill the 3 crew members with claw hammers and a spear gun, and then crash the plane to make it look accidental. The severely injured pilots fought back, and made a successful emergency landing while keeping everyone alive.

  6. Mantis shrimp can whack and crack a crab's claw with its hammer-like claws. It keeps doing this until its prey is smashed to pieces so that it can eat the inner flesh. The speed of the whack has been measured at 75 feet/sec, and the heat generated by this whack also stuns and kills its prey.

  7. ..Jon Hamm from the series Mad Men beat a fellow pledge with a paddle, set his pants on fire and dragged him around by his genitals with a claw hammer.

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