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R'lyeh, the lost city from The Call of Cthulhu, was specifically placed at the Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility - the one spot in the world ocean furthest from any known land.

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The ruined city of Nan Madol in the South Pacific inspired H.P. Lovecraft in his creation of the fictional city of R'lyeh and his short story *The Call of Cthulhu*

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  1. Cthulhu The City of R'Lyeh DROMOS Ктулху Р'лех Cthulhu DROMOS The City of R'Lyeh В своем доме в Р'льехе Ктулху ждет сновидения. Он лежит во сне, подобном смерти, на вершине подводного города Р’льех посреди Тихого океана. В глубине вод под Р’льехом покоится Ктулху, дожидаясь своего часа.

  2. H.P. Lovecraft claims the city of R'lyeh, home of Cthulhu, is located in the Pacific Ocean. A statement made 70 years before the event of the mysterious Bloop sound, said to have originated from a colossal marine animal. The coordinates are 1,760 km apart, off the cost of Chile.

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