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The original Illuminati sought to suppress religion's role in society. Opposing superstition, religious influence over public, abuses of state power. Outlawed by the Catholic Church, vilified by conservatives and religious critics caused many conspiracy theories you hear of them, even today.

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In 2011 when Lisa Lampanelli learned the Westboro Baptist Church planned to protest one of her shows. She promised to donate $1000 for every WBC member that showed up. Ultimately 44 members showed up, and she donated $50,000 to charity with the memo stating “Donation made possible by the WBC”

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  1. The Roman Catholic Church stated in 1950 that there is no intrinsic conflict between Christianity and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

  2. A man, who brutally murdered a Sunday school teacher, plead insanity and ended up only serving 8 1/2 of his 30 year sentence for manslaughter. He now makes millions by running a mega church in TN, and even has lead the state assembly in prayer.

  3. A man by the name of Roger Williams was the galvanizer for Jeffersonian Democracy (ie separation of church and state) and was a staunch proponent for fair dealings with Native Americans. He was a devout man who saw organized religions as bastardizations of faith and God.

  4. Not a single person accused of witchcraft in America has been burned at the stake. Burning at the stake was only done in Europe, where witchcraft was a crime against the church. In America, witchcraft was a crime against the state, for which the punishment was hanging.

  5. The United States declared war on the Mormon Church in 1857 because the Mormons wanted to govern Utah under different, more religious laws than the Federal Government would allow

  6. Puritan Roger Williams, whom founded Providence, Rhode Island after being banned from Boston in 1636 for being a staunch advocate for religious freedom, separation of church and state, fair dealings with American Indians, and was one of the first abolitionists.

  7. The Church of Scientology had a prolific espionage group called the "Guardian's Office" that was dedicated to infiltrating the United States government to steal or destroy confidential records and spread propaganda.

  8. The 19th century Catholic Church declared "Americanism" a heresy, which included the beliefs in separation of church and state, secularism, etc. This played into American fears at the time that Catholics were too loyal to the Pope and were thus undemocratic, illiberal, and unassimilatable.

  9. Atheist churches exist and they're styled after Mega Churches in the United States. Located in places like Dublin, Sydney, and New York, they are places for Atheists to replicate the Church experience.

  10. A bishop of the Church of England once won World's Biggest Liar, an annual competition for telling lies held in Cumbria, England, by simply stating, "I have never told a lie in my life."

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The Holy See, the jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome is a permanent observer state of the United Nations and has used this status to oppose the adoption of a resolution on sexual orientation and gender identity proposed by the European Union in the General Assembly.

The Church of Scientology used espionage, front groups, private detectives, and over 2,500 lawsuits to gain tax exemption in the United States. - source

Kodungallur, a small town in the South Indian state of Kerala, has India's first mosque (629 AD) built during Muhammad's lifetime and a church (52 AD) built by Saint Thomas, one of the Twelve Aposltes of Jesus Christ. - source

When the Westboro Baptist Church is sued, it can be quite profitable for them as many members of the Phelps family are lawyers, and their legal fees are paid by the state when they represent the church in lawsuits.

The United Church of Christ sued North Carolina in 2014, claiming that the state was infringing on their freedom of religion by banning them from being legally allowed to officiate same-sex marriages, which the UCC already allowed. - source

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A family-owned company makes about 80 percent of the communion bread used by churches in the United States

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Mother's Day originated in West Virginia, having been first celebrated in 1908 at Andrews Church in Grafton.

A couple hundred metalheads with kazoos showed up at Virginia's State Capital to counter protest the a Kansas-based hate group (Westboro Baptist Church. )

The separation of church and state is considered to be a heresy in the Catholic Church. "Americanism" is considered to violate the fundamental principle of obedience to authority.

Henry, and all subsequent British heads of state, was made the head of the Church of England under the Acts of Supremacy by Parliament in 1534.

The Mormon Church bought $560,000,000.00 (almost 400,000 acres) of Florida Property last year. They now own almost 700,000 acres, about 2% of state.

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Despite the good intentions of La Reforma, many Mexicans suffered. The turmoil and confusion over the different demands of the church and state made it difficult to know where to place loyalty and which rules to obey to avoid punishment.

One of the oldest churches in the United States that is still in use is Old Swedes. It was built in 1698.

Based on a 1905 law, Notre Dame is owned by the French State, but the Catholic Church has right to use it forever.

A religious group named "The Church of Euthanasia" encourages cannibalism and suicide to accomplish their stated goal "restoring balance between Humans and the remaining species on Earth." Members aren't allowed to procreate.

Roger Williams, puritan minister and founder of Rhode Island, believed in the separation of church and state and was expelled from Massachusetts by other Puritans for his beliefs.

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In 30 countries, heads of state must belong to a certain religion. Lebanon requires its president to be a member of the Maronite Christian Church.

The first suggestion to build a large religious monument was made in the 1850s by a Catholic priest names Pedro Maria Boss. The request for financing wasn"t approved because Princess Isabel was not a fan of the idea. The request was officially denied in 1889 when Brazil mandated the separation of church and state. A petition started by a group in the early 1920s, called the Catholic Circle of Rio, was successful. Construction began in 1922 and took nine years to complete.

Before the Civil War, the Flag of the United States was not ubiquitously displayed outside houses, storefronts, and churches as it is today. This tradition began in northern states to symbolize American nationalism and rejection of secessionism.

Roger Williams, a Puritan exiled by Plymouth Colony who believed in Separation of Church and State, Peace with the Natives, and an early advocate for banning slavery.

The Church of Scientology maintains a building surrounded by razor wire to house church prisoners in their sprawling Californian complex and because of religious exemptions the state has been unable to interfere.

That the largest infiltration of the United States' government in American history was carried out by the church of scientology.

In the United States the Amish go fishing on Ascension Day, and Italians used to bring grapes and beans to church for blessing.

In 1970 athiest Madalyn O'Hair attempted to sue NASA for the reading of Genesis by Apollo 8 astronauts, arguing that it violated constitutional separation of church and state.

The state-run Church of Sweden used to punish ministers who preached against drunkenness, so as not to diminish the sales of the state-run alcohol industry.

The first African-American millionaire was reportedly Robert R. Church Sr. of Memphis, Tennessee.

In 1988 Australia held a referendum that would have altered the constitution "to extend freedom of religion". The changes were opposed by religious groups scared of losing government funding should a strict separation of church and state emerge with the change.

Canada forcibly removed aboriginal children from their families and put them into state-sponsored boarding schools run largely by churches in what was called “Cultural Genocide” for more than a century until the last school closed in 1998.

The Church of Scientology once committed the largest covert operation against the United States in history. Operation Snow White involved over 5 thousand covert operatives spread throughout the United States government in all branches.

He came into contact with Spinoza's arguments in favor of political and religious tolerance and the necessity for the separation of church and state.

In 2003 NPR reported that "about 125" churches in the United States practiced snake handling as part of their service.

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