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The author of the book Eragon, Christopher Paolini, started writing the book at age 14. It placed on the New York Times Children's Books Best Seller list for 121 weeks.

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Christopher Paolini has said that his literary influences include E.R. Eddison (author of the Zimiamvian Trilogy), Frank Herbert (author of the Dune saga), and J.R.R. Tolkien (author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings).

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  1. The Inheritance Cycle has been translated into a variety of languages and published in more than 52 countries around the world.

  2. When Christopher Paolini started writing Eragon he was working towards a personal challenge as opposed to writing with the intention of publication.

  3. Knopf purchased Eragon for an undisclosed amount, but it was a six-figure amount. It came at a time when the Paolini family was struggling financially because they had invested so much time and energy into promoting the book.

  4. Christopher Paolini studied books about writing to help him craft his novels. He read Robert McKee's Story, and Orson Scott Card's Characters and Viewpoint.

  5. Christopher Paolini has said that he may write additional stories set in Alagaesia, the fantasy world and setting of The Inheritance Cycle series.

  6. Christopher Paolini promoted the release of Eragon by dressing in a medieval costume and visiting more than 135 schools and libraries.

  7. The author Carl Hiaasen's stepson found Eragon in a bookstore in 2002 and liked the book so much that Carl took it to his publisher Alfred A. Knopf. Knopf then published the second edition of Eragon in August 2003.

  8. The Inheritance Cycle series has sold more than 35 million copies around the world.

  9. Christopher Paolini wrote an essay titled "It All Began with Books" that was subsequently included in the anthology Guys Write for Guys Read in 2005.

  10. Although Christopher Paolini was accepted to Reed College in Portland, Oregon after completing high school, he chose to skip college in order to travel across the country to promote Eragon.

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Eragon was adapted to film and released in 2006 around the world by Fox 2000.

The Inheritance Cycle includes four books: Eragon (2002), Eldest (2005), Brisingr (2008), and Inheritance (2011).

Christopher Paolini's book Eragon competed for top spot on the New York Times bestseller list with J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 2004.

Christopher Paolini's medieval costume included a red shirt, lace-up boots, a black cap, and black pants.

There have been special editions of Christopher Paolini's books released that include brief histories of the fantasy worlds, posters, and excerpts.

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Because of Knopf's publication of Eragon, Christopher Paolini became a bestselling author when he was only nineteen years old.

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Christopher Paolini drew the cover art for Eragon's first edition.

Christopher Paolini(author of The Inheritance Cycle) became a New York Times best-selling author at age 19. He also started working on the book "Eragon" at age 15, after graduating high school.

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