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Choi Gap-bok, who, in 2012, escaped from prison by squeezing his body through the food slot at the bottom of his cell door. The slot measured 5.9 inches tall and 17.7 inches wide. Choi, a yoga practitioner, applied skin ointment to his body and slipped out while 3 prison guards were sleeping.

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In 2012 Yoga practitioner Choi Gap-book escaped a Korean prison. Rather than bend his cell bars out of shape, he bent himself out of shape, slipping through the tiny slot at the bottom of the cell that's used to give prisoners food. The manoeuvre took only 34 seconds.

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  1. Choi Gap-Bok was a South Korean man who escaped from prison by squeezing through the 6X18 inch food slot on the floor of his cell. The escape took 34 seconds.

  2. Choi Gap-bok, a yoga master, escaped from a Korean prison in 2012 by fitting himself through a 15x45cm (6x18in) food slot in his prison by covering himself in skin ointment

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