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In 1996 a stray cat who'd given birth to a litter in an abandoned Brooklyn garage returned to the structure five times after a fire broke out to save her kittens, despite her eyes blistered shut and her paw pads burned from the flames. (Mama and babies all survived.)

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65-85% of all white cats born with two blue eyes are deaf, and if a cat is born with just one blue eye, only the hearing on that side is impaired.

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  1. In 2012 a stray cat entered the home of a blind dog called Terfel and became his seeing-eye guide. Confined to his basket so he didn’t bump into things, the cat sensed Terfel’s disability and began using his paws to gently lead him around the house; he even assisted for trips to the local park.

  2. Whenever a cat slowly closes its eyes and opens them again or winks at you, that means they trust you and recognize you as a friend.

  3. A cat, named Pwditat, approached the family dog Terfel and seemed to sense that he couldn’t see. Using her paws, she coaxed him out of his basket that he had been afraid to leave and led him out into the garden. Today, the unlikely pair is inseparable as she serves as Terfel’s seeing-eye cat.

  4. When cats look you in the eye and blink slowly, they're trying to tell you they love you

  5. Most, if not all, white cats with blue eyes are deaf. In white cats with mixed colored eyes, deafness affects only the ear on the blue-eyed side.

  6. The Gladiator spider does not have Irises, but rather large photosensitive membranes. Consequently, it's eyes are destroyed every day at dawn and must be rebuilt every night. However, this adaption has made it better than cats or owls for night hunts

  7. The Ogre Faced Spider's eyes are more sensitive than both a cat's and an owls, but every day at dawn the photosensitive portion of it's eyes are destroyed by the sun, and the arachnid has to regrow this portion each and every evening.

  8. Van Cats of Eastern Turkey (a naturally-occurring breed) all have white fur, mismatched eyes, and love to swim.

  9. 65-85% of white cats with two blue eyes go deaf.

  10. Cats can make as many as 16 different meow sounds, mostly used only when people are around. Cats also talk in more subtle ways - with their eyes and tails. A slow blink from a feline, for example, is like a wink between friends.

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Most people are not hypersensitive to cat fur, they are actually allergic to the saliva. When a cat grooms themselves, these allergens are placed on the fur. The saliva contains different major and minor allergens which can cause sneezing, congested eyes and blocked nose.

White tigers, siamese cats, and other albino animals all tend to have crossed eyes, because the genes that cause albinism are directly linked to visual pathway abnormalities. - source

Net-casting spiders' (Deinopidae) spiders eyes are more sensitive than cats or owls, which they use for hunting at night. So sensitive, in fact, that they need to rebuild their retinas every day because they are destroyed at dawn. - source

Marbled cat has rounded head with big eyes, short ears and large canine teeth. It has slender body and big paws.

Flat-headed cat has flattened head with long snout and small, rounded ears. Large eyes are positioned close to each other to improve visualization of the prey in and close to the water.

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If the crystals of rutile have grown in the crystal of apatite and viewed in the correct light source, a cat's eye effect is displayed.

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Banded cat-eyed snake has broad, triangular head, narrow neck and slender, vertically compressed body.

Fossa has black, brown or red fur and long slender body. Although they look like cats, they are more closely related to mongooses. Characteristic features are round ears, large eyes and short snout with long whiskers.

Banded cat-eyed snake is mildly venomous snake. Its venom is designed for killing of amphibians and reptiles. Banded cat-eyed snake is nearly harmless for humans. Bite is not very painful (like a bee sting) and it induces mild symptoms of irritation of the skin (itching and swelling of the area near the bite).

Turkish Angora has wedge-shaped head, large, almond-shaped eyes, large, hairy ears, firm, long, muscular body, long legs with small, furry paws and long, bushy tail.

Kittens have only 6.3 to 8.3 ounces at birth, but they grow and develop quickly. Their eyes will open after 7 days, and they will be able to walk 10 to 13 days after birth. Youngsters will include solid food in their diet after 40 days.

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Banded cat-eyed snake usually hunts near the water or searches the prey hidden in the shrubs.

Tiffany has broad head, softly squared muzzle, oval, yellow eyes, medium-sized, hairy ears with rounded tips, elongated body and thick, long, well-plumed tail.

Babies have only 8.8 ounces at birth. They will triple their weight in just 8 weeks. Kittens are covered with fur (same color like adult cats) and blind at birth. Babies will open their eyes 6 to 12 days after birth.

Ragdoll gives birth to 5 kittens on the average (up to 7). All kittens are born with white fur and blue eyes. Color of the fur and eyes start to change few weeks after birth.

Russian Blue has wedge-shaped head with blunt muzzle, green eyes, large ears with pointed tips, long, slender neck, lean, muscular body, long legs, small round paws and long tail. It has enigmatic, Mona Lisa-like smile as a result of slightly upturned mouth.

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Natural enemies of dark-eyed juncos are hawks, shrikes, owls, squirrels, cats, weasels and chipmunks.

Himalayan cat needs to be brushed each day to prevent tangling of the fur. Face and eyes also require regular cleaning (elimination of tear stains). Himalayan cat should be bathed at least once per month.

Siamese has round, triangular or wedge-shaped face, prominent, almond-shaped blue eyes, long nose, large, pointed ears and slender body.

Lifespan of banded cat-eyed snake is unknown.

Turkish Angora is a natural breed (it is not created via cross-breeding) and it is generally very healthy (it can suffer from cardiac and neuromuscular disorders). Cats with one or two blue eyes are usually deaf.

Persian cat has big head, short, round face, big eyes, short nose, small, rounded ears, stocky body, short legs with large, round paws and short tail.

Binturong has long snout, small, rounded ears, small reddish-brown eyes and long white whiskers. It has elongated, stocky body that ends with long, bushy tail. Binturong is also known as "Asian bearcat" because of its bear-shaped body and cat-like face.

Little is known about reproductive behavior of banded cat-eyed snakes except that females lay from 3 to 12 eggs per season. Banded cat-eyed snakes do not show parental care. Babies need to fend for themselves from the moment of birth.

Bluetick Coonhound has large head, dark, round eyes, long ears, compact, muscular body and long tail that is curled at the end. Legs are of medium length and they end with rounded, cat-like feet.

Banded cat-eyed snake is medium-sized snake that can reach 30 inches in length.

A planetary nebula is a type of emission nebula that is made up of glowing and expanding ionized gases. An example of a planetary nebula is the Cat's Eye Nebula.

Black-footed cat has big, amber-colored eyes, wide head and low-positioned rounded ears. This cat is poor climber due to stocky body and short tail.

Sand cat has large head and eyes. Pointed ears are positioned on the side of the head. Excellent sense of hearing facilitates finding of food.

Banded cat-eyed snake is able to eat poisonous amphibians (frogs that secrete toxic substances to protect themselves against predators) without any visible side effects.

Banded cat-eyed snake is a carnivore (meat-eater). Its diet is based on small animals such as frogs (and tadpoles), lizards, salamanders and their eggs.

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