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The marble masterpiece "Sleeping Hermaphroditus” was unearthed ~1608 after being buried for centuries. In 1620, 22-yr-old phenom Gian Lorenzo Bernini carved the marble mattress on which s/he lies today that’s so strikingly realistic visitors are compelled to give it a testing prod.

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It took 20,000 men to build the Taj mahal that included sculptors from Bukhara, calligraphers from Syria and Persia, inlayers from southern India, stone cutters from Baluchistan, a specialist in building turrets, another who carved only marble flowers

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  1. Greek and Roman sculptors frequently replaced the letter U with a V because marble tends to crumble when it's carved in a curve.

  2. There is a marble frieze in the Supreme Court of the United States that contains a depiction of the Qur’an that was carved by Adolph A. Weinman

  3. In 1956 a CIA pilot died in a U-2 crash after being intercepted by 4 Canadian fighter aircraft. He's represented by one of the 87 stars carved in marble at CIA HQ.

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