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Hippos can sleep underwater using a reflex that allows them to bob up, take a breath, and sink back down without waking up.

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The star nosed mole is the only mammal known to be able to smell underwater. It does this by blowing bubbles with its nose and breathing back in the then scent chrarged air. It is a highly successful method for foraging in places many animals cannot.

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  1. Hulk is basically indestructible and stacked with superpowers such as breathing underwater, surviving in space, resistant to solar temperatures, and extreme regenerability.

  2. Scientists have created ‘Aquaman Crystals’ that can absorb oxygen and store it for later use. This discovery can help in underwater breathing and help patients with breathing difficulties. A handful of crystals could pull oxygen from the water/air providing an active supply as required.

  3. Hippos sleep underwater and rise to breathe every few minutes without waking.

  4. A tribe of nomadic divers that have evolved larger spleens allowing them to hold their breaths for up to 13 minutes and catch fish more than 200 feet underwater

  5. If you hyperventilate before swimming underwater or diving, you artificially reduce the amount of CO2 in your bloodstream, preventing the body's 'urge to breathe' trigger, making you blackout and rapidly drown without warning.

  6. In 1995 Jesus Dennis was held underwater by his stepdad until he stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating when he was a toddler. Because the water was cold, however, Jesus was completely rejuvenated hours later without brain damage and behaved as a normal child afterwards.

  7. Rats can tread water for 3 days straight and hold their breath underwater for 3 minutes.

  8. Hippos can't swim. Their bodies are too dense to float so they just walk along the riverbed. They also sleep while underwater - a reflex bobs them up to take a breath.

  9. Scientists tracked a Cuvier's beaked whale that dived to the depth of 2,992 m (9,816ft). The same whale stayed underwater, without taking a single breath, for 138 minutes.

  10. An Aquaman Crystal is being created to breathe underwater

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Snapping turtles hibernate underwater and can go for over 6 months without breathing. Their nervous system shuts down and their shells help neutralize toxins that build up in their bodies from anaerobic glycolysis.

There's a species of spider that breathes air, but lives its entire life underwater in diving bells made of spider silk - source

Nuclear submarine's sailors breathe air that is extracted underwater from water. - source

Scuba stands for 'self-contained underwater breathing apparatus". This term was originally used to describe the rebreathers used by U.S. combat frogmen. They were used in World War II for underwater warfare.

Manatees can hold their breath for 20 minutes underwater, and each breath replaces 90% of oxygen in their lungs - source

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Sloths can hold their breath underwater for up to 40 minutes by reducing their metabolism and heart rate to less than a third of normal.

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Some species of Turtles, during their underwater hibernation period, can diffuse oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out through their Cloaca in a process called Cloacal Respiration, meaning they can literally breath through their ass.

Babies will instinctively close their lungs, "hold their breath" underwater until the age of six months.

Aleix Segura Vendrell held his breath underwater for 24 minutes 3 seconds, breaking the Guinness World Record.

Baby dragonflies, known as nymphs, breathe through their rectum while underwater and can also use their anus as a propulsion device

Tom Cruise can hold his breath for six minutes. He learned this skill from a military specialist while preparing for his underwater scenes in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.

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DO NOT hyperventilate before going underwater – you can drown. Your body uses the CO2 level to judge when to breath, not the oxygen level, and thus when these are out of balance you can black out (from lack of O2) without realizing you need to breath.

Air breathing animals can breath "underwater" in highly oxygenated liquid.

In the near future a Respirocyte, an artificial red blood cell, will allow humans to sprint for 15 minutes without a breath or hold their breath for 4 hours underwater.

Moose can dive up to 20 feet underwater and hold their breath for a full minute

A rat can hold its breath for 3 minutes underwater, can swim for three days, uses its tail as a propeller, and has ribs that are connected to its spine with hinges so that they can shrink to get through small holes.

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Turtles can hibernate underwater for months during winter, breathing through their tails.

Hippos have evolved to sleep underwater. They use a reflex that allows them to bob up, take a breath, and sink back down without waking up.

Moles "breathe" underground similar to how Whales "breathe" underwater AND have 2 thumbs on each forepaw.

Triton, the bogus underwater breathing device, refunded people that backed, butthen launched a new campaign.

Shallow Water Blackout - Hyperventilation Before Swimming Prevents the Body from Triggering the Need to Draw Breath, Causing Them to Pass Out Underwater, and Drown

The underwater breathing apparatus from Pokemon may soon be a reality

David Blaine held his breath underwater for 17 minutes, 4.4 seconds to set a new world record

Aleix Segura Vendrell has broken the Guinness World Record holding his breath underwater for 24 minutes and 3 seconds

The word scuba (as in, scuba diving) is an acronym for “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus”

In 2008 Tom Sietas was able to hold his breath for 22 minutes and 30 seconds while being underwater

That, while dolphins and other whales can stay underwater for 20 minutes, and a human once held his breath underwater for 19 minutes, sperm whales can dive for up to 90 minutes at a time.

The European diving bell spider lives underwater by using an air bubble on its abdomen to breathe

Due to the "Diving Reflex" newborn children hold their breath when submerged underwater.

Finswimming is an underwater sport involving swimming with the use of fins. Either on the water's surface using a snorkel and with monofins/bifins or underwater with monofin (holding one's breath or using scuba diving equipment)

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