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On the most remote island in the world, Bouvet Island, there is an unexplained abandoned boat left near one of the shores

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In 1964 an abandoned lifeboat was mysteriously discovered in the remote Antarctic Bouvet Island. There was no signs of anyone though stuff was lying around the boat A few years later when another expedition went back, all of it was gone...its whereabouts and origins remain a mystery.

What is the effect of the antarctica current on bouvet island?

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what is the effect of the antarctic current on bouvet island?

  1. There are many islands bordering the Scotia Sea including South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands, South Orkney Islands, South Shetland Islands, and Bouvet Island.

  2. There is a small boat on Bouvet Island (the most secluded landmass on Earth) that can't possibly exist.

  3. On Bouvet Island, the most isolated place on Earth, it lies an abandoned lifeboat that no one knows anything about, including how it got there.

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