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Girls used to buy comic books as often as boys. "Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane" was the third best-selling title in 1965, selling four times as many copies as today's most-popular comic book. (Bonus Lois Lane and Superman met Pat Boone in 1959.)

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The travelers in Smashing Pumpkins Tonight Tonight are the voices of SpongeBob and Karen. Bonus TIL they are married in real life!

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  1. The "Mustang I" concept sports car was far more related to the Ford GT40 than the production Mustang. BONUS The Mustang horse emblem was designed by a Ford employee who led the last horse-mounted cavalry charge!

  2. Gas stations only get delivered two types of gas, regular 87 and premium 91-93. The midgrades are a blend of the two. BONUS fuel delivery TIL - If a loading head says empty on a tanker, it might not be, its just full of the same type of gas and the operator didn't bother to change the tag.

  3. Goldfish are growing up to 2 kilograms in weight due to people simply flushing them into river systems. Also bonus TIL; they're carnivorous in the wild.

  4. "laser" is an acronym for "light amplifiction by stimulated emission of radiation." As a bonus, it takes about 200,000 laser pointers to kill a human.

  5. The Origin of "Separation of Church and State". It is not mentioned in any of founding documents. The origin is from an 1802 letter Jefferson wrote the Danbury Baptists. Bonus The first effort to ban all religion from government was in 1853.

  6. About Paul Erdos "The Man Who Loved Only Numbers", he was bet $500 that he couldn't quit amphetamines for a month . . . he did it fully old turkey, and said to his friend who made the bet "You've set mathematics back a month." before he started taking amphetamines,Bonus Bacon-erdos number

  7. One way scientists determine the intelligence of a plant is to explore what makes it fart. *Bonus PLANTS FART.

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