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Dr. Mary Edwards Walker who, during the Civil War, stood on the Union front lines for nearly two years, including the wake of the bloody Battle of Chickamauga. She is the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor.

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It took three botched attempts to behead Mary Queen of Scots for treason against Queen Elizabeth. The executioner finally lifted the bloodied head cried "God Save the Queen" only for it to crash to the floor as Mary had been wearing a wig.

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  1. The "Troxler Effect," which fades out features that a person is not directly staring out, filling it in with what's around the general area, and may explain the origin of mirror-related horrors like Bloody Mary

  2. If a woman wants a baby badly enough, her body can trick itself into thinking it's pregnant. The condition is called pseudocysis and can cause a protruding belly and lactation. Mary I or "Bloody Mary" experienced this twice in her life.

  3. After 10 minutes of watching yourself in a mirror in a dimly lit room, your brain "gets bored" and distorts your reflection causing imaginary monsters such as Bloody Mary

  4. Despite being “Bloody Mary”, Queen Mary I of England didn’t kill nearly as many people as her father, Henry VIII. Her inflated infamy was mostly Protestant propaganda.

  5. Dried bay leaves are also used for the preparation of herbal tea. Ground bay leaves are ingredient of Bloody Mary cocktail.

  6. All parts of celery are edible. Stalks can be used raw, baked, fried or boiled. They are often used in preparation of omelettes, casseroles, sauces, salads and cocktails (such as bloody Mary). Leaves are mostly used for decoration and for seasoning of dishes.

  7. The drink, Bloody Mary was not invented by Ernest Hemingway but was developed in Palm Beach, Florida, in 1927 thanks to the vaudeville comedian George Jessel, who awoke one morning with a terrible hangover.

  8. Blues musician Freddie King would save time setting up for shows by drinking Bloody Mary's instead of eating food.

  9. The Urban Legend of "Bloody Mary" is a result of your brain becoming bored and trying to scare you. Happy Halloween!

  10. It's the 500th Birthday of the original "Bloody Mary"

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