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Bill Maher has said that selling marijuana allowed him to make enough money to get through Cornell and enter comedy.

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Bill Maher got fired from his show "Politically Incorrect" for saying the 9/11 hijackers weren't cowards

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  1. Penn & Teller earned the Richard Dawkins award (given for raising public consciousness of atheism) before Bill Maher, Christopher Hitchens, and Lawrence Krauss.

  2. Comedian Bill Maher is a part owner of the New York Mets

  3. Bill Maher is against the concept of vaccination.

  4. Bill maher hosted a show called Politically incorrect, but got fired for being too politically incorrect.

  5. Leonard Nimoy and Bill Maher both have ancestors from the same small town in Ukraine.

  6. Barbara Olsen, who died in AA flight 77 on 9/11, she was en route to tape Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and decided to delay her September 10th flight to California to stay in bed and wake up with her husband, who's birthday happened to be on September 11th.

  7. Bill Maher was the lead in a 1989 movie called "Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle Of Death"

  8. Gonna be a long 8 years for them: Bill Maher begs fellow liberal celebrities to stop whining and overreacting to everything - He even provides a list of examples, but do you really think the Dems can uncuck themselves when it's their entire platform?!

  9. Bill Maher used to defend sex between adults and young boys

  10. Donald Trump once brought his birth certificate into court to prove he wasn't the son of an orangutan... and receive $5million from Bill Maher

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Steve Bannon appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher in 2011

Donald Trump tried to sue Bill Maher for 5 Million dollars for joking that Trumps mother had sex an orangutan. - source

I learned Christopher Reid — "Kid" of Kid 'n Play — used to drink and get high with Bill Maher - source

Bill Maher once jokingly offered Trump $5 million if he can prove that his dad isn't an orangutan. Trump took him up on his offer

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Bill Maher doesn't believe in vaccination,even for pregnant women

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NOWandBECAUSE had their song "Flip A District" featured on a February 28, 2014 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher.

To my surprise, one of my favorite people on TV, Bill Maher, doesn't believe in vaccines. Just wow.

Ann Coulter correctly predicted Donald Trump would become the Republican nominee over a year ago on "Real Time with Bill Maher"

Kid from Kid n' Play wrote the theme song to HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. Kid is now 50 years old.

Bill Maher Defended A 33 Year Old Adult Sleeping With 12 Year Old Child

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Christopher "Kid" Reid, of Kid 'n Play fame, wrote the theme song to HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher.

Bill Maher thinks we are currently living the third worst crisis the history of the country.

Donald Trump sued Bill Maher for $5 million after Maher said he’d give $5 million to Trump if he could prove that his father was not an orangutan

In 1997 Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect” moved from Comedy Central to ABC and was replaced by another comedy news show, this one was hosted by former ESPN SportsCenter co-anchor Craig Kilborn and was called “The Daily Show.”

Jack Black, Sigmund Freud, Karl Sagan, Daniel Radcliffe, Bill Maher, Billy Joel, and Ayn Rand are all Jewish atheists

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Bill Maher dropped the N-word live on his own TV show, was not fired or reprimanded for it

Over 3 million people worldwide are possibly the descendants of an ancient Irish High King named ''Niall of the Nine Hostages'' Including many Scots and 2% of men from New York. Bill O'Reilly and Bill Maher are famous examples of the Kings American descendants

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