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A single German machine-gunner, Hein Severloh, nicknamed the 'Beast of Omaha', used all 12,000 of his rounds on D Day, possibly killing thousands of GIs from his bunker, because the Americans could not bring any weapons to bear on him, not having landed any tanks with the first wave .

On D-Day, a single German machinegunner on Omaha Beach claimed to have shot over 2,000 Allied soldiers. He is known as "The Beast of Omaha."

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  1. A single German Infantryman, Heinrich SeverLoh, known to history as "The Beast of Omaha' may have been responsible for roughly two thirds of all American infantry killed on Omaha beach, between 2,000-3,000 men. He manned an MG42 in WN-62 and fired almost 14,000 rounds over 9 hours

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