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At the Battle of Cowpens during the American Revolution, an American officer used his Spontoon (spear) to pole vault onto, and capture, a British cannon

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The American flanks were then able to converge on both sides and envelope the British troops. Many of the British were too tired to continue fighting and surrendered.

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  1. The major battles of the war included The Battle of Lexington, The Battle of Concord, The Siege of Boston, Battle of Fort Ticonderoga, The Battle of Chelsea Creek, The Battle of Bunker Hill, The Battle of Quebec, The Battle of Sullivan's Island, The Battle of White Plains, The Battle of Fort Washington, The Battle of Trenton, The Battle of Princeton, The Battle of Oriskany, The Battle of Bennington, The Battle of Brandywine, The Battles of Saratoga, The Battle of Germantown, The Battle of Monmouth, The Siege of Savannah, The Siege of Charleston, The Battle of Camden, The Battle of King's Mountain, The Battle of Cowpens, Battle of Guilford Courthouse and The Battle Of Yorkton.

  2. Both the British and Americans had dragoon units. Dragoons were soldiers who rode horses, but dismounted when they fought.

  3. General Nathaniel Greene was Morgan's direct superior in the Southern campaign.

  4. Despite having a numerical advantage, Morgan knew that since half of his force were militia, they were somewhat unreliable. To mitigate problems that militias often caused, such as fleeing, he placed his force between two rivers, making it difficult to retreat.

  5. The heart of Loyalist activity, and a center for British military supplies, was a community and fort in South Carolina known as Ninety Six.

  6. Tarleton (1754-1833) was considerably younger than his American counterpart, but no less experienced. He participate in several successful British operations, including the capture of Charleston in 1780.

  7. Daniel Morgan (1736-1802) served as a rifleman in the British Provincial forces, but joined the Continental Army when the war began. He distinguished himself in Quebec and Saratoga, but retired due to politics. He reenlisted in 1780, was promoted to general, and was sent to the Southern Theater.

  8. At the Revolutionary War Battle Of Cowpens, American general Daniel Morgan put his most unreliable soldiers in the front line and gave them permission to run after firing three shots at the enemy.

  9. As the British attacked, the American center gave way in what the British believed was a full retreat. The British then made the mistake of charging deeper into the American lines.

  10. Morgan's pincer movement was classic and developed much as the Greek's did against the Persians in the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC.

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Morgan then placed his weakest troops in the center, knowing that the strongest British troops would attack them with a full charge.

The battle came about when Tarleton was in pursuit of Morgan, who was leading a foraging and harassment operation for Greene.

Morgan placed his stronger troops on both flanks.

The official size of the American force was around 1,000 Continentals, but it was further augmented by Patriot militias from surrounding colonies to bring the number to about 2,000.

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