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In 1957 a US Air Force pilot caught in bad weather discovered his prototype jet fighter had no cockpit lighting. He managed to navigate and land the aircraft by periodically flicking a Zippo cigarette lighter and using the flame to read the instruments.

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The ABC TV show Turn-On, which debuted February 1969. The first episode was so bad, one affiliate refused to return to it after the commercial break. Several west coast affiliates refused to air the show at all. Before the first episode had finished playing, the show was cancelled.

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  1. In Victorian London it was theorized that diseases like Cholera (which killed tens of thousands) were spread by bad-smelling air, until a scientist named Jon Snow determined water was the culprit - he became known as the father of modern epidemiology.

  2. Will Smith did Bad Boys and Independence Day while the Fresh Prince of Bel Air was still releasing new episodes.

  3. The producers of The Simpsons considered aborting the series if the second episode's animation turned out as bad as the first, which was so appalling that after seeing it for the first time, they had to redo 70% of before it could go to air.

  4. The reason airline food tastes "bad" to many people is that conditions on an airplane, including low air pressure, dry air, and background noise, affect one's senses of smell and taste.

  5. Plague doctors wore long, beak-like masks which were filled with aromatic spices/herbs to block out the smells of death and "bad-air" thought to cause the disease

  6. Beards and long dresses fell out of fashion during the 1900s due to public health campaigns about spreading tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. Prior to germ theory and vaccines, people thought beards and fabric protected against miasma and "bad air".

  7. The Black Plague in the 13th century was thought to be contagious through air because of the bad stench it made, so incense and perfumes were used to "cure" it.

  8. The Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul held the record for the highest-rated series premiere in cable history at the time of its airing. It has received critical acclaim, especially for its acting, characters, and cinematography, and some critics have deemed it superior to its predecessor.

  9. There was a film which Bill Cosby co-wrote, co-produced, and starred in which he felt was so bad, he bought the television rights to ensure it never aired on TV.

  10. Air Pollution was so bad in 1920 NYC, It Melted Hanging Laundry

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Bad hair days (frizzy uncontrollable hair days) are caused by humidity in the air. Hair responds very well to changes in humidity and this is why it was used to create one of the first hygrometers in history.

Until Lister's research, wound infections were thought to be the result of bad air and hospital wards were aired out to halt the spread of infection.

The air pollution in Beijing is so bad that it is considered to be five times the safety standards set for cities.

Plague doctors filled the beaks of their masks with "sweet smelling" things like herbs and flowers because they believed that the plague was spread through "bad air".

There was a mid-air collision between two planes over California in 1986. One of the planes was guided by an air traffic controller named Walter White. A similar collision happened in the Breaking Bad episode 'ABQ', for which the main character, Walter White was indirectly responsible. - source

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Coal mining and burning of coal can have bad effects on the environment. Examples of this include acid rain and smog. Those toxins leaked into the air then lead to numerous respiratory effects and increased risks of lung cancer for coal plant workers.

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Beijing’s pollution is so bad that people often stay indoors and children have to play sports inside of inflatable clean air domes.

Bathing, in the 16th century, was considered dangerous by physicians, since it could have caused "bad air" (the believed cause of disease) to penetrate through the pores of the skin.

John snow proved that cholera was not spread by ‘miasma’ in 1830's. Miasma theory held that disease was spread by a poisonous form of ‘bad air’ that was emitted from rotting organic matter.

The word Malaria comes from "mala aria", or "bad air", because it was thought to be caused by bad smelling air associated with swamps

The US Air Force adopted a camouflage pattern so bad, the manufactured issued a public apology to Airmen

Air conditioner smells bad when turned on?

China's air pollution is so bad that weather reports include where "haze" is blowing around

Jackie Gleason once hosted a game show that was so bad, it only aired two episodes. The second episode was a half-hour apology from Gleason.

Air quality in China has become so bad that cans of fresh air are being sold by some mogul

Malaria's name comes from the Italian 'mala aria' literally meaning bad air, what was thought to be the original source of the disease

Rick and Morty"'s Justin Roiland hates burping. In the pilot of the show he had to drink beer and swallow air so much that he felt bad for the rest of the day.

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The air quality in New Delhi in November 2016 was so bad that the city had to declare an emergency, shut down schools and take drastic industrial precautions. This was termed as the "Great Smog of Delhi".

The most polluted city in the world, Zabol, gets its bad air quality mostly because of natural reasons; there's a constant flow of wind blowing in from the desert for four months of the year, which brings in harmful sand particles.

China's toxic air pollution is now so bad that it resembles a nuclear winter, slowing photosynthesis in plants

Air pollution in China is so bad that it is killing an estimated 4,000 people per day!

The air crash in Breaking Bad, and Walter Whites character name was inspired by an accident in 1986 involving Aeromexico flight 498. Walter White was the air traffic controllers name

Wet dogs smell bad because the microorganisms living in their fur produce lots of bad-smelling volatile compounds as "micro-excreta," which are liberated into the air via evaporation.

Mirroring Breaking Bad, there was quite a few air collision caused by air traffic controller fatigue. In 1986's Cerritos cases, the name of the junior air traffic controller is Walter White.

Before Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Bob Odenkirk guest starred on separate 3rd Rock From the Sun episodes all originally airing in 1999.

Malaria is derived from Italian "Mala Aria" - Bad Air

26.82 million air tickets as well as 5.96 million high-speed rail tickets have been denied to chinese people whom were deemed untrustworthy, because of a bad social credit score.

Turn-On, a sketch comedy show from 1969 that was considered so bad, one station refused to continue airing it after the first commercial break. Several stations scheduled to air it later that evening refused to air it altogether.

Bad weather actually makes a day physically longer due to the shifting air masses of the atmosphere

The only conventional music video Frank Zappa made was banned from airing. He was forced to make one so he made it so bad (Reagan getting the electric chair among other things) it wouldn't be shown.

On Valentine day, 1945 the US Air Force accidentally bombed the city Prague. The raid was originally intended for Dresden in Germany, but a navigation error combined with bad weather and the cities similarities lead to the mistake.

Airline food tastes so bad because the cabin atmosphere—pressurized at 8,000 feet—combined with the cool, dry cabin air "makes your taste buds go numb, almost as if you had a cold."

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