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An Italian banker, Gilberto Baschiera is considered a modern-day Robin Hood. Over the course of 7 years, he secretly diverted 1 million euros to poorer clients from the wealthy ones so they could qualify for loans. He made no profit and avoided jail in 2018 due to a plea bargain.

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Police in west Germany located a man who had a warrant for unpaid fines. They confronted him just as his slot machine struck a jackpot, and he avoided jail time by paying his fine on the spot.

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  1. In 1851, a runaway slave named Jerry was arrested in Syracuse NY during the anti-slavery Liberty Party's convention. A crowd of hundreds of abolitionists broke into the city jail and freed Jerry, eventually smuggling him to Canada. Nine participants in the rescue also fled to avoid prosecution.

  2. Under a 2011 program in Alabama, first-time nonviolent offenders could avoid jail by going to church

  3. 13th Floor Elevators’ frontman Rocky Erickson was arrested for possession of a single joint, pleaded insanity to avoid a 10 year jail term, and so suffered 3 years of shock therapy and Thorazine treatment in state hospitals.

  4. The youngest soldier in WW1 joined the Serbian Army at 8 (after his family was killed by Croat soldiers in 1914). Momčilo Gavrić fought in several battles, wounded, and promoted to Sergeant at 10 by a Field Marshal. In 1929, he was jailed for lying to avoid conscription, claiming prior service.

  5. The choice of enlisting in the Military to avoid jail time is expressly forbidden by the recruiting guidelines of the Army, Air Force and Marines, but not the Navy.

  6. Police in west Germany located a man who had a warrant for unpaid fines. They confronted him just as his slot machine struck a jackpot, and he avoided jail time by paying his fine on the spot.

  7. Los Angeles and Orange County have over 25 "pay-to-stay" jails that charge wealthier criminals up to $100 a night to avoid regular jails

  8. there is a program in Southern California that allows people to avoid serving jail time in the overcrowded and dangerous county jail by paying a city a nightly fee for the option to serve their sentence in a cushier city jail.

  9. A Woman got pregnant 13 times in 10 years to avoid a jail sentence.

  10. Germany does not extradite German citizens which is why Florian Homm, a hedge fund manager who the US sentenced to 225 years in jail for ripping off his investors for hundreds of millions of dollars, is currently living in self-imposed exile in Germany to avoid extradition.

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Online Payday lenders partner with Native American Tribes to avoid jail time for charging usury interest rates (i.e. 475% APR).

TJ Miller drunkenly called in a fake bomb threat on a female Amtrak passenger in retaliation to their heated argument and faced felony charges but accepted a plea deal to avoid a jail sentence. - source

Allen Ginsberg graduated from Columbia in 1948. In 1949 he was convicted of being a robbery accomplice and to avoid jail, he pled insanity. As a result he spent time in a mental health facility.

A beauty queen avoided jail time for her part in the 2011 Stanley Cup riot when she looted a store as the judge accepted her history of depression and anxiety. She returned to her former high school and presented to more than 600 students, urging them to think before acting

Hedge fund manager's assistant who stole nearly $1 million from her boss asked strangers to help her on a crowdsourcing site to avoid jail by raising $821,000 in restitution to pay back him back - source

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Former NBA player, Karl Malone, impregnated a 13 year old & avoided jail due to the victim's family not willing to press charges. His son went on to play in the NFL, without the help from his birth father.

Due to the confusing nature of the American tax laws it is possible to avoid jail time for tax evasion if the plaintiff did not understand the laws he or she broke.

If you are 16 and from a well-off family in Texas, you can drunk-drive-murder four people and claim "affluenza" to avoid jail.

A man in Michigan tried to pull off the same Bottle Deposit scheme famously spoofed off an episode of Seinfeld avoid jail time by paying $1,230 in fines and court fees.

There was a female sex offender that was so attractive, her lawyer argued she was too pretty to go to prison. The judge agreed. She avoided jail time.

A Texan child-rapist avoided jail time by agreeing to be surgically castrated instead

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An American teenager was prosecuted for having naked pictures of himself on his phone. He was 16 when they were discovered, and had to take a plea deal to avoid potential jail time. He was charged as an adult under federal child pornography felony laws, for sexually exploiting a minor- himself.

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