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The first Macintosh keyboard had no arrow keys so that users could only move the cursor with the mouse and to force developers to design UI oriented software specifically for the Mac.

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The original Macintosh 128k didn't have arrow keys because Apple wanted to force developers to create new software that used the mouse/GUI, rather than port over old programs

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  1. If you press the arrow keys while a youtube video is loading, you can play the Snake game!

  2. You Can Play The "Snake" Game On Youtube While Waiting For A Video To Load By Pressing The Up or Down Arrow Keys

  3. You can press the windows key plus the left or right arrows to snap a window halfway, for dual monitor users who can't drag into the middle.

  4. If you press the Arrow Keys in a Blank page on Google Chrome,you can play "JumpCacutusesAsADinosaurDude"

  5. It takes 9 hours and 36 mins to reach the bottom of Excel without letting go of the arrow key.. All 1,048,576 Total Rows

  6. If you hit the up arrow key while the youtube "load circle" is spinning you can play a game of snake

  7. The Num Lock key exists because earlier 84-key IBM PC keyboards did not have cursor control or arrows separate from the numeric keypad

  8. The VIM editor has H, J, K, L for cursor movement because the ADM-3A machine used by one of the developer had no dedicated arrow keys and the arrows were painted on the H, J, K, L keys.

  9. Scroll Lock was intended to modify the behavior of the arrow keys. When the Scroll Lock mode was on, the arrow keys would scroll the contents of a text window instead of moving the cursor.

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When you press the "windows + arrow keys" you can split your open screens.

The T.Rex on google chrome *'Cannot connect to the internet'* screen is not just an icon, it is a game you can start by pressing UP arrow key. - source

Ctrl + alt + any arrow key will rotate your computer screen and mouse control. - source

In Google maps you can view the world in 3D at an angle and fly around it with the arrow keys using only your browser.

Chrome's offline mode features a running T-Rex game! "To access the game, switch off your wireless connection, try and load up a page, and wait for the 'unable to connect to the internet' page." Start the game by pressing the space-bar or up arrow key. - source

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