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In 2010 Intel bought McAfee Antivirus for $7.68 BILLION dollars... Four years later Intel tried to re-brand the software as "Intel Security" but due to the popularity of the name many of their products are still called McAfee.

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About John McAfee's (creator of McAfee Antivirus) 'how to uninstall the software' video that was made due to the overwhelming complaints he received about the antivirus program

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  1. John McAfee, creator of the famous AntiVirus software that bears his name, is alleged to have kept a harem, raped his business partner, established a paramilitary in Belize and killed two people without consequence

  2. John McAfee, founder of the company who created the McAfee Antivirus software, once buried himself in the sand for two hours with a box over his head in order to avoid authority's when a man was found dead in his home.

  3. The Win9x.CIH computer virus, aka the "Chernobyl Virus", will infect antivirus software. This causes it to infect every file that it scans.

  4. Hackers have created something called the "Zip Bomb". It's only 42 kilobytes when zipped, but actually contains 4,500,000 gigabytes uncompressed. The file was made to crash anti-virus software. If an antivirus tries to scan it, it'll most likely crash and create an open ground for other viruses.

  5. There is now a new class of computer virus that relies on the antivirus software itself to do the damage. The virus tricks the antivirus into thinking the user's files are infected, causing the antivirus to quarantine/remove those files. [PDF link]

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