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Queen Elizabeth and Anthony Eden told Princess Margaret she could marry Peter Townsend, a divorcee, and keep her titles, public life and privileges, on the condition that their children were removed from the succession. It was Margaret’s decision not to marry him, unlike popular belief

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British Prime Minister Anthony Eden (1897-1977) resigned as a result of the Suez Crisis.

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  1. The Oldest Living Spouse of a UK Prime Minister, Clarissa Eden, was married to Anthony Eden who was a Prime Minister in the 1950's. She is currently 99 years old.

  2. The widow of 1950's UK Prime Minister Anthony Eden is still alive at the age of 98. She is also the niece of Winston Churchill.

  3. French Prime minister Guy Mollet proposed a Franco-British Union with Elizabeth II as head of state in 1956 during the Suez Crisis, however british prime minister Anthony Eden rejected the proposal and instead France went on to join the European Economic Community, later the EU

  4. The wife of Anthony Eden, British Prime Minster from 1955-57 is still living

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