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About ablaut reduplication, an unwritten rule in the english language stating that, "if there are three words then the order must go I, A, O. If there are two words then the 1st is I and the 2nd is either A or O." It is the reason we say tick-tock, not tock-tick, ding-dong not dong-ding etc.

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Flip-Flop', 'chit chat', 'criss cross', are actually examples of a grammatical rule in English called, 'Ablaut Reduplication'. The rule always follows the same order of vowels, 'I-A-O'. There are no examples of Reduplication that break this rule.

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  1. Ablaut Reduplication - a subtle rule of linguistics which dictates why "King Kong" sounds more right than "Kong King", "Hip hop" sounds more correct than "Hop hip". Similarly "tick tock", "zig zag", "chit chat" etc.

  2. Ablaut Reduplication Rule, which suggests following high vowel before low vowel in reduplication word pairs. e.g- Jibber-Jabber, we never say Jabber-Jibber. It automatically feels wrong to us. Same goes for every other word with internal vowel alternations. Try saying pong-ping or chat-chit

ablaut reduplication facts
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