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If you start your Star Wars Episode 4 Blu Ray at exactly 10:02:42 the Death Star will blow up at Midnight.

‘SUX’ remains the identifier for the airport in Sioux City, Iowa, although petitions to change it were filed in ‘98 and ‘02. The city was dissatisfied with the alternatives offered by the FAA, one of which was ‘GAY’

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  1. Despite only making up .02% of the worlds population, Jews have won 22% of Nobel Prizes.

  2. The "Atari Shuffle" was a trick used to get free plays from early coin-op arcade games. The trick involved players shuffling their feet to build a static charge, which could then be used to zap the machine into giving them a free game. (Referenced at 1:02)

  3. Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev traveled .02 seconds into the future

  4. In 2003, as a response to Prime Minister John Howard's attitude towards peace protests, the Australian satirical newspaper The Chaser published his real home phone number on their front page. The headline read "Howard ignores the people. So call him at home on (02) 9922 6189".

  5. Head coaches of the Carolina Panthers have included Dom Capers ("95-"98), George Seifert ("99-"01), John Fox ("02-"10), and Ron Rivera ("11-present).

  6. The Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis of '02, in which up to 200 civilians were killed after the Russian government vented the building with an unknown sleeping agent.

  7. The legal BAC limit for driving in Iceland is .02%. This is lower than the US FAA limit for flying an aircraft, which is .04%.

  8. Stars Wars "Light Saber's" sound was made partly by the humming of idling film machines, and sound engineer Ben Burtt accidentally discovering hums and buzzes while walking in front of a picture tube with a broken tape recorder (starts at 7:02).

  9. Curiosity Rover travels at an average speed of .02 MPH with a max speed of .09 MPH, and has traveled 12.4 Miles after landing in August, 2012.

  10. Water only makes up .02% of Earth's mass

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Sergei Avdeyev, a cosmonaut who spent 747 cumulative days in space, and due to special relativistic effect of time dilation, aged .02 sec less than that of Earthbound people

Grades in Danish schools range from 12 (the highest) to -3. Not all of the numbers in the middle are filled in, either (it goes 12, 10, 7, 4, 02, 00, -3, yes, with leading zeroes). This is considered a large improvement from older systems, one of which ranged from -23 to 8. - source

There is a flight that left from TPE airport (Tapei Taoyuan Int'l) at 12:02 AM 1/1/18 and land in LAX (Los Angeles Int'l) at 7:06 PM 12/31/17. The passengers get to time travel and experience the new year twice. - source

There is an annual “Man versus Horse Marathon” in Wales, where runners compete against riders on horseback. A horse has won 33 out of 35 times, with the fastest horse time being 1:20 (2:02 is the human world record)

There is a Dr. Who episode with a race of beings called "The Adherents Of The Repeated Meme". Season 101 Episode 2 - End of the World. Airing April 02, 2005 and ostensibly occurring before mainstream popularity as we know it. - source

Sir Patrick Stewart thought he was circumcised for most of his life until his wife, and doctor, informed him that he wasn't. - [02:38]

How Its Made 02 Plantain Chips = we sill eat plantains instead of bananas soon

Blab - Interface Overview and How to Join and Participate #AllAboutBlab 02

Ben Stiller has a cameo in Tenacious D's Tribute music video at 4:02 in.

When a small town in India closed down local breweries, the people in the town got addicted to playing to chess (watch from 02:28)

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At Pearl Harbour, 2 Privates detected approaching aircraft at 7:02 am. Lt. Kermit Tyler received the report. Tyler reasoned that the activity was a flight of Army B-17 Flying Fortress bombers, and advised the radar crew not to worry

The Lunar year consists of 12 "days" (equivalent to 12 Earth months), named after the first 12 men to walk on the Moon. The Lunar calendar starts at the moment Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon (07/21/69 at 02:56:15 UT), which is Year 1, Day 1, Cycle 1 -- 00:00:00.

2015 isn't the first time Kentucky election results have raised eyebrows - a group of Kentucky officials are now in prison for rigging '02, '04 and '06 elections.

14 Trillion transistors are manufactured per second, globally. (35:02 in the video)

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