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A Queens teacher named Matt Striker was signed into the WWE and fired from his teaching job because he took 11 sick days to fight Kurt Angle on SmackDown Live

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The largest assembly of people in America after 9/11 was a WWE Smackdown Live show on the Thursday that same week. Over 10,000 people packed a Houston, Texas stadium in a time where mass assemblies were discouraged in fear.

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  1. The Viacom V of Doom logo was reused in a widescreen version for episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, episodes of WWE Smackdown X, episodes of WWE Smackdown, episodes of WWE Superstars, and WWE NXT episodes from January 18, 2010, February 23, 2010 until December 24, 2012.

  2. The largest mass gathering of people directly following 9/11 was that thursday's episode of WWE Smackdown at the Compaq center in Texas. This was a time when potlucks were being canceled because they we too big of potential targets.

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