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Pop star Adam Faith’s final words on his death bed were “"Channel 5 is all shit, isn't it? Christ, the crap they put on there. It's a waste of space.”

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The flushable toilet was invented by Thomas Crapper in 1596, but the word "crap" is a Middle English word that predates the invention of the toilet.

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  1. Gerald Ratner, a low-price jewellery chain owner who remarked that some of his products were "total crap" and "wouldn't last as long [as a prawn sandwich]". His words went public and caused the value of his company to plummet by nearly £500 million, nearly bankrupting it.

  2. The word "crap" used to mean "grain casings" in Latin because of a connection of discarded, unwanted material

  3. The English plumber who popularized the toilet was named Thomas Crapper. The word "crap" doesn't derive from his name and existed centuries before he was born.

  4. Thomas Crapper is a plumber credited with the widespread adoption of toilets, but the word "crap" didn't originate with him and predates him by many years.

  5. The word “crap” originated from Thomas Crapper, the plumber who perfected the design of the flushing toilet. He also invented the manhole cover and was an advocate for sanitary plumbing.

  6. We get the word crap from a plumber that greatly improved the design of toilets, Thomas Crapper

  7. The word "hazard", meaning risk or danger, comes from an old english dice game, the forerunner of craps, of the same name.

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