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Steve from Blue’s Clues once showed up unannounced to a kid’s birthday party after seeing a party sign and blue paw print on the house’s mailbox. He showed up in character and costume, handed our presents and refused any compensation from the parents.

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Despite several ludicrous rumors saying he had died from a heroin overdose, been hit by a car, and even been replaced with a doppelgänger, Steve from Blue's Clues left the show simply because he was going bald.

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  1. Steve didn't leave Blue's Clues to go to college... he left because he was going bald.

  2. The biggest reason Steve Burns left “Blues Clues” was because he was balding. He said “I refused to lose my hair on a kids TV show, and it was happening fast.”

  3. It was rumored Steve from Blue's Clues had died from a drug overdose, but actually he was going bald & ready to move on from the show

  4. Steve Jobs' First Business was Selling Blue Boxes that Allowed Users to Get Free Phone Service Illegally

  5. A main reason why Steve from Blue's Clues left the show was because he didn't want young viewers to watch him go bald

  6. Steve Martin/Rick Moranis comedy "My Blue Heaven" is considered a spiritual sequel to Martin Scorsese's "GoodFellas", both based on the life of mobster Henry Hill. Both were researched together and released in 1990, "GF" written by Nicholas Pileggi and "MBH" written by Pileggi's wife Nora Ephron

  7. In 1990, the movie My Blue Heaven, with Steve Martin and Rick Moranis, was released in theaters 1 month before Goodfellas. Both movies are true accounts of the life of gangster Henry Hill

  8. Steve Burns, the original host of the children's show Blues Clues, was listed on People magazine's annual list of most eligible bachelors in 2000.

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Steve from Blues Clues was also a noise rock musician. He worked with the Flaming Lips on his first album.

Steve actually left Blue's Clues because he didn't want to go bald on TV - source

Steve from Blues Clues is still alive and is now doing voiceover work and making kids albums. He also still has his handy dandy notebook and thinking chair. - source

Steven Burns (Steve from Blues Clues) left the show in 2002 and pursued a career in music. His first album featured Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips, was engineered by Lips bassist Michael Ivins, and was produced by David Fridmann, longtime Lips producer. Steven signed with PIAS Records.

Young Sheldon's theme song is performed by Steve Burns, the former host of Blue's Clues - source

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In the Issac Hayes song "Soul Man" both the Sam & Dave version and the Blues Brothers version feature the line "Play it, Steve". In both cases the reference was to Steve Cropper.

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Shortly after leaving the show, Steve Burns from Blue’s Clues produced an album (with some help from The Flaming Lips) called “Songs For Dustmites.”

Steve Cropper played on the original Soul Man by Sam and Dave, and the Blues Brothers version on SNL. So when they said, "play it, Steve!" in the cover version, they were telling the same Steve to play it.

The theme song for the TV show Young Sheldon was recorded by Steve Burns, the former host of "Blue's Clues".

The theme song for Young Sheldon was written and is performed by Steve from Blue's Clues

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Steve from blues clues didn't actually quite the show and die tragically

Steve from Blue's Clues went on to make music after he quit, and this is the result.

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Steve from Blue's Clues went on to make music, and it's surprisingly really good

Steve from Blue's Clues once surprised a kid by randomly showing up to his Blue's Clues themed birthday party while he was on a date with a Playboy model

The actor who played Steve on Blues Clues makes kid's songs now.

Steve from Blues Clues is in a punk rock band

Steve from Blues Clues is now the lead singer of an indie rock group called Steve Burns and the Struggle.

In the wake of successful albums by SNL peers like Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi (as the Blues Brothers), Chevy Chase recorded a 1980 comedy album of song parodies. It includes Chase rapping and doing a chipmunk-voiced rendition of "Let It Be."

Blues Clues had Kevin instead of Steve in the UK

The theme song from Young Sheldon (the spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory) is sung by Steve Burns (the host from Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues)

Steve from Blues Clues once accidentally dated a stripper whose mother suggested an idea for a kids' TV show to him.

Steve Burns, the host of the kids show "Blues Clues," is worth 22 million USD.

The host of Blues Clues in Portugal were not Steve or Joe, but rather an entirely new person Duarte Gomes (a well known Portuguese actor).

Steve Burns from Blue's Clues has a non-Blues Clues song about Groundhog day. I give you - "I hog the ground"

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