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There is a small group of Filipino Marines living about a rusting grounded Ship in the middle of the South China Sea, they are the only thing that stands between ever pressing Chinese Fishing and Warship vessels from De facto control of the Area.

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The fishing industry in the South China Sea provides jobs for millions of people in the region.

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  1. Countries included in the Yellow Sea's basin are China, North Korea, and South Korea.

  2. It is believed that the South China Sea was created approximately 45 million years ago as a result of the large area referred to as "dangerous ground" rifted away and opened up the sea.

  3. Fishing is big business in the South China Sea. It is estimated that approximately 10% of the commercially caught ocean fish in the world are from the South China Sea.

  4. The Mekong River's watershed (area of land drained by the river) is approximately 307,000 square miles in size, which in turn results in the discharge of approximately 110 cubic miles of water each year into the South China Sea.

  5. Roughly 37% of reef fish species and 76% of coral species are found in the South China Sea, making its preservation extremely important.

  6. The Mekong River flows through several countries including China, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam, before discharging into the South China Sea.

  7. The economic zones in the East China Sea are disputed between South Korea, Japan, and People's Republic of China.

  8. The South China Sea is the main link between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, connecting the Middle East, Europe, and East Asia with shipping lines.

  9. The South China Sea is considered to be critical in terms of its marine bio-system.

  10. There are major gas and oil reserves believed to be located beneath the sea bed of the South China Sea.

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There have been reports of fisherman using dynamite and poison to catch fish in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea, which damages the eco-system on a major scale.

The Prince of Wales was sunk by the Japanese just a few months later on December 10, 1941 by the Japanese in the South China Sea. She was the first battleship to be sunk by aircraft and the only British battleship lost in the Pacific Theater.

There are many rivers that flow into the South China Sea including Pasig River, Pampanga River, Pahang River, Rajang River, Mekong River, Red River, Jiulong River, Min River, and Pearl River.

It is estimated that more than one-half of all the shipping boats in the world pass through the South China Sea.

There are artificial airstrips in the South China Sea large enough to support airports and cities. - source

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Roughly 30% of the coral reefs in the world are located in the South China Sea.

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The Gulf of Thailand is low in salinity because it is shallow and has a strong inflow of water from the Chao Phraya River and the water exchange with the South China Sea is slow.

China Is Building Fake Islands in the disputed South China Sea, so they can bolster their territorial claims and also lay claim to the surrounding waters.

The story of Ching Shih, a Cantonese prostitute who became one of the most famous pirate captains of the 19th century. At the head of more than 60,000 men, she terrorized the South China Sea and intimidated most European fleets.

In 1950 a cruise ship found a proboscis monkey far out in the South China Sea. Mistaken for a human and brought aboard, it later chose to return to the water.

It is believed that if China controls all of the South China Sea it will limit the ability of foreign countries to move military through the waters.

When did the south china sea dispute start?

The South China Sea covers an area of 1,400,000 square miles.

The Philippines maintain a military outpost on a derelict ship in the Spratly archipelago of the South China Sea to prevent China from claiming it.

Within the South China Sea's boundaries are more than 250 small islands, reefs, sandbars etc. most of which are often submerged at high tide.

For centuries China has claimed the majority of the South China Sea as its own. There have been conflicts with other countries in South East Asia over its waters.

In Yunnan, China, three rivers that run almost parallel separated by 85km at the narrowest point, diverge into the Salween, Mekong and Yangtze rivers, emptying into the Indian Ocean, South China Sea and East China Sea respectively.

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China Has Been Building Man Made Islands by Using Large Ships to suck up sand and pump into to the coastal reef, in the South China Sea

Marine life that can be found in the South China Sea includes giant oysters, sharks, eels, and endangered sea turtles, as well as a variety of seabirds such as great crested terns, and streaked shearwaters.

In 2011 there was an escalating dispute referred to as the Spratly Islands Dispute, and several government agencies in the Philippines began referring to the South China Sea as the West Philippine Sea.

China is building islands in the South China Sea

In 1956 a Filipino man claimed an island in the South China Sea and named it the "Free Territory of Freedomland." He and 40 other men settled it for twenty years until he was arrested for impersonating a military officer.

In 1999 the former USS Harnett County (renamed BRP Sierra Madre) was deliberately run aground in the South China Sea in order to boost the Philippines claim to sovereignty over the Spratley Islands. To this day a small force of Filipino Marines lives on the rusted out, dilapidated hulk.

China is planning to build a massive underwater station 10,000 feet below the surface of the South China Sea.

Japan has built an artificial island in the Philippines Sea and claims the surrounding areas its exclusive economic zone--just like China in the South China Sea.

China has been recently creating artificial islands by land reclamation in the disputed South China Sea, the so-called 'Great Wall of Sand.'

China is creating man-made islands in the South China Sea... F$&#ING ISLANDS.

China has been reclaiming land in the South China Sea

The Philippines Navy purposely grounded a WW2 era US Battleship off it's coast and stationed a small group of Marines to live there in order to stake its claim in South China Sea dispute.

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