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Javelina is social animal. It eats, travels and sleeps in groups of 6 to 12 (sometimes up to 53) animals. Dominant male is the leader of the group. Status of other members depend on their size: bigger animals have better (higher) positions in the hierarchy of the group.

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There is a 13th century poem-style book called "The Book of Civilized Men" which represented a new awakening to etiquette and decorum in English court society. Recurring themes are social hierarchy, self-control and sexual morality.

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  1. Entertainers and actors in the past were considered to be of little importance, and they were either considered to be the lowest in their social hierarchy or not even included in their social hierarchy.

  2. Studies of certain whale pods have shown that whales have the ability to develop a social hierarchy, play games together, teach each other survival strategies and hunt in cohesive well-organized groups.

  3. Researchers analyzed the voice of Queen Elizabeth from her broadcasts ranging from the 1950s to the 80s and found "There has been a drift in the Queen's accent towards one that is characteristic of speakers who are younger and/or lower in the social hierarchy"

  4. The Peter Principle - a theory regarding the social phenomenon in which promoted individuals are rewarded for their competence & performance in their current position, and promotions up the hierarchy will soon result failure due to incompetence

  5. It used to be widely believed races functioned on a hierarchy. Social Darwinism showed while some animals and plants were at advanced stages, others were still in early stages and left behind, and such theories fueled the idea of "superiors" having total dominion and control over "inferiors."

  6. Centrism is a political outlook or specific position that involves acceptance or support of a balance of a degree of social equality and a degree of social hierarchy

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