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It is impossible to predict the paths of colliding billiard balls after only a few collisions. Tiny differences in initial positions accumulate to such a degree that by the sixth or seventh collision even the force of gravity from people standing near the pool table changes the outcome.

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Queen Victoria (granddaughter of George III) inherited the English throne, despite having three uncles who were the fifth, sixth, and seventh sons of George III

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  1. The most common street name in the US is Second. Third is 2nd, First is 3rd, Fourth is actually 4th, Fifth is 6th, Sixth is 8th, and Seventh is 10th. Also, there are 5,233 Elm Street's to have nightmares on.

  2. Henry VIII drew up an arrest warrant for his sixth wife, Catherine Parr and considered taking a seventh wife. However, she managed to reconcile with the king before her arrest

  3. Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA and Wrecking Ball are sixth and seventh best-selling physical singles of all time, respectively. They are also first and third best-selling digital singles of all time, respectively.

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What is the mathematical domain that is unique to sixth and seventh grades?

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