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In The Simpsons episode "You Only Move Twice", Albert Brooks ad-libbed most of Hank Scorpio's dialogue. The end result was two hours of dialogue for Hank.

The villain in "The Simpsons Movie" was supposed to be Hank Scorpio. The idea was dropped for unkown reasons. A new character named Russ Cargill was used. Both were voiced by Albert Brooks

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  1. Libra, the only constellation in the zodiac not representing an animal, used to be considered the claws of Scorpio.

  2. The largest professional wrestling audience ever was about 190,000 in North Korea. Some of the wrestlers were the legendary Ric Flair; Rick and Scott Steiner; Road Warrior Hawk; Scott Norton; Too Cold Scorpio

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  6. The 'Scorpio Killer' from 'Dirty Harry' was based on a real criminal who hijacked a bus full of schoolchildren and then buried them alive.

  7. Garak from Star Trek "Deep Space Nine" was also Dirty Harry's "Scorpio Killer"

  8. The same guy voiced The Simpsons Hank Scorpio character and Nemo's dad.

  9. The most expensive sneakers on the market, and the rise of Hank Scorpio.

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Cherubs or Cherubim should have four heads, that of a lion, a man, a bull and a eagle, and these four heads can be linked to the four fixed signs of the Zodiac; Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio(scorpios used to be an eagle), respectively.

The "dark humor" squad - Capricorn Virgo Scorpio - source

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