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The Soviets used to send astronauts up with a sawed-off shotgun to fight off bears when they returned to Earth in the Siberian Wilderness.

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The beginning of the last century saw 250 pound shotguns that could serve up a one-click duck banquet

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  1. All Soviet Cosmonauts were required to carry the TP-82 survival pistol into space, which was essentially a sawed-off shotgun. The practice of carrying the TP-82 continued on all Soyuz flights until 2007.

  2. Jerry Shriver, a solider in the MAC V SOG during the Vietnam War, took only handguns, sawed-off shotguns, and knives into battle against the NVA/VC.

  3. There is an Italian word for sawed-off shotguns and that the Sicilian mafia worked heavily against Mussolini

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