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The Soviet born British-Dutch physicist Sir Andre Geim is the only person so far to have been awarded both an Ig Nobel (for his work in using magnets to levitate frogs) and a Nobel prize (for his work on graphene).

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Andre Geim won the Ig Nobel Prize in Physics in 2000 for levitating a frog with magnets. He also won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on Graphine, making him the first and only man to win both the Nobel and Ig Nobel prizes.

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  1. With a 16 Tesla magnetic field, scientists were able to levitate a frog.

  2. Frogs levitate in strong magnetic fields.

  3. Sir Andre Geim, who was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for levitating a frog by magnetism.

  4. It takes a magnetic field strength of 16 Tesla to levitate a frog.

  5. All matter is magnetic and can be levitated using diamagnetic levitation, but we don't have strong enough magnets to support humans' weight.

  6. A ceramic superconductor can levitate over a permanent magnet if you cool it in liquid nitrogen

  7. Scientists have made a frog, some flowers, and an insect levitate with a magnet (and could do it to a person).

  8. When placed within a strong enough magnetic field frogs can be levitated

  9. Andre Geim, the first person to win both the Nobel and IgNobel prize as an individual, won the IgNobel prize for magnetic levitation of a frog.

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You can make a frog levitate with a 16T magnet - source

MegLev(magnetic levitation) train is only operating commercially and open to public in Shanghai , all other countries who have it still not opened it for public - source

About the Goodyear Eagle 360, which is a spherical tire with many features such as artificial intelligence and connection to the car frame by magnetic levitation technology

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