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Charles Babbage, inventor of programmable computation, was a true nerd, and once sent a letter to Lord Tennyson, correcting the 'mathematics' in a line of one of his poems

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Lewis Carroll was also a photographer, and took many photographs that still exist today. He photographed people in higher social circles including Lord Salisbury and Alfred Lord Tennyson.

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  1. There exists a recording of Alfred, Lord Tennyson reading "The Charge of the Light Brigade"

  2. The "Sweet'n Low" artificial sweetener name was derived from an 1863 song by Sir Joseph Barnby, which took both its title and lyrics from an Alfred Lord Tennyson poem, entitled The Princess: Sweet and Low.

  3. At Thomas Edison's request in 1889, Alfred Lord Tennyson recited "The Charge of the Light Brigade" onto a Wax Cylinder. That recording can still be heard today, 125 years later.

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