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The World Record for the fastest growing plant belongs to a certain species of bamboo. They have been found to grow up to 35 inches per day at a rate of 0.00002 mph. That’s nearly 1.5 inches an hour. You could literally watch bamboo grow before your eyes.

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When the Cards Against Humanity team kept all of the money they raised by selling nothing (literally) for 5 Dollars on Black Friday, they split the $71,145 and one employee bought a 24 karat gold vibrator for over $3,000.

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  1. A woman who is literally fearless due to a rare genetic condition known as Urbach-Wiethe disease that hardened her amygdala - part of the brain responsible for fear response. Researchers exposed her to potentially terrifying experiences and none of them scared her.

  2. Researches at Harvard and Columbia concluded that Sarcasm promotes Creative Thinking because both the expressers and recipients of sarcasm need to overcome the contradiction between the literal and actual meanings of the sarcastic expressions.

  3. C&P: Thomas Jefferson used a razor to cut passages from the New Testament and literally pasted them together into what is now known as the Jefferson Bible, currently on display at the Smithsonian. He felt the focus should be on Jesus’ life and moral teachings, not inexplicable miracles

  4. The various parties claiming credit for the "COEXIST" logo have been locked in a bitter legal dispute over trademarks and credits for 14 years and are literally not speaking to each other.

  5. The German word for "turkey" literally translates to "threatening chicken." Porcupines are "spike pigs," raccoons are "wash bears," and platypuses are "beak animals."

  6. Honey Bees make decisions collectively--and democratically. Every year, faced with the life-or-death problem of choosing and traveling to a new home, honeybees stake everything on a process that includes collective fact-finding, vigorous debate, and consensus building, literally

  7. The enzyme bromelain in pineapples literally digest the tissues in your mouth, hence the sore mouth feeling when you eat pineapples.

  8. The F-82 "Twin Mustang" fighter plane, designed to escort bombers thousands of miles to Tokyo, was literally two P-51 Mustangs joined at the wing. Both cockpits were fully functional, so one pilot could sleep while the other flew the plane on missions that could last up to 12 hours.

  9. The FCC prohibits the phrase "Jesus Christ" from being said on network TV as an exclamation/expletive; you can say "Jesus", you can say "Christ", but you can't say "Jesus Christ" unless he's literally on screen as the man from the Bible. The term "goddamn it" is also banned from U.S. network TV.

  10. In Mandarin Chinese, the word for "kangaroo" translates literally to "bag rat"

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literally literally fact data chart about The power of a meme, this song is literally off the charts.
The power of a meme, this song is literally off the charts.

literally literally fact data chart about the arc of the moral universe, literally bending toward just
the arc of the moral universe, literally bending toward justice

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Saddam Hussein commissioned a calligrapher to write a copy of the Quran using his blood as ink. The 605 page book contains roughly 27 liters of his blood and is kept in a mosque in Iraq behind 3 vault doors.

Cables at the bottom of the ocean Transmit 99% of the world's data. Sharks have bitten these cables before, meaning that the internet has suffered from literal SHARK ATTACKS. - source

Satanists do not literally worship Satan. They are closer to an Atheist religion, and believe Satan is a positive archetype demonstrating pride, individualism and enlightenment and use Satan as a symbol of defiance against Abrahamic faiths. - source

In Norway, people use the term "texas" as slang for "crazy". It doesn't refer to a person, but a chaotic atmosphere or state of mind, so saying a party "was totally crazy!" in Norwegian would be "det var helt texas!", which literally means "it was texas!"

Esprit d'escalier" (literally, staircase wit) is a French term used in English to denote the tendency to think of a witty reply when it is too late, for example when taking the stairs on leaving the scene of a confrontation. - source

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For every 1lb/kg that someone loses, 86% of it is breathed out of the body in the form of CO2. The body literally exhales the majority of its weight loss.

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Rollercoasters can cure kidney stones by "literally rattling the stone loose."

London is the largest urban forest in the world: with more than 8 million trees - about one for every Londoner - the capital of the UK is literally classified as a forest in its own right.

MIT has genetically modified trees to glow in the dark in the hopes of creating a literally green source of light for the future.

The word "literally" has been used figuratively for hundreds of years. Charles Dickens, Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, and Mark Twain all used it for hyperbole.

Basque sailors didn’t die of scurvy because they drank 3 liters of cider everyday which, unbeknownst to them, contains vitamin C.

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literally literally fact infographic about I was about to walk into my last final today when I had to f

I was about to walk into my last final today when I had to fart, expect it wasn't a fart. You can see the exact moment I started shitting my pants, literally.

literally literally fact infographic about The literal translation of country names! Which one's your f

The literal translation of country names! Which one's your favourite?

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The Vietnamese word for shark literally translates to "fat fish" and the Afrikaans word for stapler literally translates to "paper vampire."

Sleep literally cleans your brain. During slumber, more cerebrospinal fluid flushes through the brain to wash away harmful proteins and toxins that build up during the day.

A guy who made a chicken sandwich literally from scratch -- he grew a garden, harvested wheat, slaughtered a chicken, travelled to boil ocean water for salt, etc -- it took him 6 months and cost him $1,500. He didn't think it tasted very good.

We call letters "uppercase" and "lowercase" because the original printing presses kept letter blocks in literal cases; since small letters were used more often, they kept them in the bottom case for easy access; thus, lowercase (and uppercase) were born.

Racial segregation in the American South didn't begin right after the Civil War; it was imposed in the 1890s when rich whites in the South feared the Populist movement bringing poor whites and blacks together. Segregation literally stopped the two sides from legally gathering together.

How i met your mother literally figuratively?

A framed photo of a 4chan post sold for $90,900 on Ebay. The post read: "Art used to be something to cherish / Now literally anything could be art/This post is art"

In the 1930s, dust storms were so severe that the static electricity generated would arc from your body to the nearest metal object and knock you head-over-heels. Two men shaking hands could literally knock each other out.

"Arschgeweih", the German word for tramp stamp, literally translates to "ass antlers".

Mangrove trees live in saltwater, filter out 99% of salt through their roots, and are literally desalination plants.

The Peregrine Falcon hunts by diving at 230+ mph straight down, and killing its prey on impact with a balled foot. It kills other birds with a literal falcon punch.

Chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer literally spat on a US order warning him that a rematch in Eastern Europe would violate US sanctions. He played the match and then spent the next 16 years as a fugitive outside the US until his death.

The frog known as the "Hairy Frog", "Horror Frog", or the "Wolverine Frog" that is so aggressive it will literally break its own bones, force them through the skin, then use them as claws to attack; even humans.

The word "mortgage" literally means "death-pledge" in French

On Christmas Eve in 2008, SpaceX and Tesla were literally hours from bankruptcy until Elon Musk was able to secure $20M from investors in those final hours. Two days later, SpaceX won a contract with NASA worth $1.6B.

In 2001, IT at UNC decided to do a server audit. They realized that they could not find one of their best performing servers. Eventually resorting to following the physical cabling, they hit a wall, literally. The server had been buried behind a wall during remodeling for over 4 years.

The word 'mortgage' literally means 'death pledge'

Kit Kats became so popular in Japan because of a literal translation of "kitto katsu", which means "Surely win" and lead to the implication of the bar giving good luck (making it a popular snack, especially before exams.)

In the New Deal, FDR called for a new tax program called the Revenue Act of 1935, which imposed an income tax of 79% on incomes over $5 million. This tax rate affected literally one person: John D. Rockefeller.

in Japanese, there is a phrase bushu-suru (ブッシュする). In literal terms, this means "to do the bush thing," in reference to a bizarre 1992 incident where George HW Bush fell ill and vomited directly onto the Japanese prime minister.

The origin of "steal someone's thunder" is almost literal. In old plays, people had different methods of making a loud thunder sound. Playwright John Dennis invented a method, but then heard it used in someone else's play. He complained, "They stole my thunder!"

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