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Hitler from the movie Kung Fury was played by a member of The Lonely Island

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The Lonely Island backed Kung Fury on Kickstarter (pause at 29:29); also, Jorma Taccone plays Hitler

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  1. Yung Kai Chi aka Yuen Wah - the landlord in Kung Fu Hustle was the only stunt man for Bruce Lee's films Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon. Also Jackie Chan stated that Yuen Wah's martial arts ability was well respected among his fellow students.

  2. Kung Fury's director ,David Sandberg also directed some other short movies in horror genre and won the Best Director award for the Bloody Cuts Film Challenge for the movie Lights Out.

  3. The actor who plays Hitler in "Kung Fury" is Jorma Taccone from SNL

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