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The bottom of Kidd Mine is so deep it is considered to be the closest point of access to the earth's center.

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Issues of mining at Kidd Mine that can have negative impact on the environment include greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste management, and damage to the environment that can result in harming species at risk.

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  1. Kidd Mine is also referred to as Kidd Creek Mine.

  2. Eight of the top ten of the world's deepest mines are located in South Africa. Only Kidd Mine and Creighton are not and they are both found in Ontario.

  3. Prior to being owned by Glencore Inc., the mine was owned by other companies including Texas Gulf Sulphur, Falconbridge Ltd, and Xstrata Copper.

  4. Kidd Mine is located in the Abitibi greenstone belt - a mostly volcanic rock greenstone belt that extends across Ontario and Quebec and is estimated to be 2,800 million years old.

  5. Kidd Mine is owned today by Glencore Inc. Kidd Operations operates the mine. Kidd Operations is subsidiary of Glencore Inc.

  6. In 1982 the number of people working for Kidd Mine was over 3,000. Kidd Mine is Timmins" largest employer.

  7. Kidd Mine uses scoop trams which help to decrease worker danger and increase productivity.

  8. Because Kidd Mine reaches below 3km it is necessary to use innovative technology to allow for proper operation. Ventilation is provided by some of the largest vent fans in the world.

  9. By deepening Kidd Mine, Glencore Inc. has been able to extend the life of the mine at least until 2021.It was set to extend production only until 2017 but by deepening the mine it can continue to extract for several more years.

  10. Kidd Mine has the world's longest surface to bottom ramp.

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Once ore is mined from Kidd Mine it is transported to Kidd metallurgical Site, 27km away, where it was processed into a concentrate.

Kidd Mine is able to produce 70,000 tons of zinc each year and 40,000 tons of copper.

The shafts in Kidd Mine are referred to as No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3. The final shafts to be built will be referred as the "D" shafts.

Approximately 850 people work at Kidd Mine and other operations as employees or as contractors.

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