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  1. John Ford would would rarely drink while making a film, but when a production finished he would often lock himself in his study wrapped only in a sheet and go on a solitary drinking binge for several days followed by routine repentance and vowing never to drink again.

  2. The Declaration of Independence quotes one passage from the Second Treatise.

  3. Locke's An Essay concerning Human Understanding was written in 1690 and has had a profound impact on psychology, education and our understanding of self.

  4. Locke's Treatises were printed in America in 1773 in Boston and his ideas on liberty and the social contract were influential in the American Revolution and influenced the writings of Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

  5. Misogyny exists in western philosophy in the works of Aristotle, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Charles Darwin, Arthur Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Hegel, John Locke, David Hume, Sigmund Freud, Otto Weininger, John Lucas, and Oswald Weininger.

  6. His Letters Concerning Toleration (1689 to 1692) were written after the European wars of religion and argued that religious coercion leads to unrest and belief cannot be enforced by law.

  7. In 1683 he escaped to the Netherlands after being connected to the Rye House Plot.

  8. Locke wrote Two Treatises of Government which were an argument against absolute monarchy and argued for consent of the governed as the basis of political legitimacy.

  9. Locke argued for an international monetary system based on gold and silver since their value is accepted by all countries but the value of paper money is only valid to the government which issues it.

  10. He continued this reasoning in Some Thoughts Concerning Education which expresses the idea that education makes us what we are.

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He came into contact with Spinoza's arguments in favor of political and religious tolerance and the necessity for the separation of church and state.

He promoted the education of middle-class women which was unusual and he has been called the most important educator between John Locke and Herbert Spencer.

In 1921 she wrote John Redding Goes to Sea and became a member of the literary club, The Stylus, founded by Alaine Locke.

In 1647 he was sponsored to the Westminster School in London by MP Alexander Popham.

He rejected the philosophies that viewed man at birth as inherently sinful or innately knowing in favor of the the tabula rasa, or empty mind theory stating that who we become is shaped by our experiences, sensations and reflections.

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In 1667 he became the personal physician of Anthony Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury and when he persuaded the earl to undergo a dangerous operation that saved his life his reputation as a physician was greatly enhanced.

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John Locke was born to a Puritan family in Wrington, England.

Newton suffered a nervous breakdown which included sending wild accusatory letters to his friends Samuel Pepys and John Locke—his note to the latter included the charge that Locke "endeavoured to embroil me with woemen".

After graduation he attended Christ church, Oxford and he received his bachelor's degree in 1656 and a master's in 1658.

John Locke was heavily invested in the slave trade.

Other club members were Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle, John Locke and John Hooke.

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Father of Liberalism" John Locke co-authored the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina which introduced hereditary serfdom (the serfs were called leetmen).

Shaftesbury was the founder of the Whig movement and had a great influence on Locke's political ideas and future.

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John Burroughs, USAF vet & supposed UFO abductee, was locked in a legal battle with the dept. of VA for over 2 decades. Ultimately resulting in a "de facto" recognition of UFO's through John's eventual medical treatment by the USA Government.

About John Locke, the "Father of Liberalism", whose works concerning limited government and liberty garnered support among the English, American and French revolutionaries of their time.

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John Locke had a day job as the secretary to one of the Lord Proprietors of the colony of Carolina, Lord Shaftesbury. He was instrumental in drafting the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina, a plan for governance of the colony.

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