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The 1925 Shakee Massacre, where over a hundred peaceful Chinese protesters were gunned down in Guangzhou, China. The perpetrators were not punished and refused to even apologize.

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A district of Guangzhou China, that was largely populated by blacks, was basically cleansed as the Chinese fear African drugs.

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  1. The largest African community in Asia is located in Guangzhou, China

  2. The oldest mosque outside of Mecca/Medina that's still standing is in Guangzhou, China

  3. The current CBD of Guangzhou, China used to be desolate and empty for a long period of time, despite the government's best efforts. It finally awoken when the Asian Games 2010 was held there and fully populated today,

  4. The city of Guangzhou, China is sometimes referred to as the "Chocolate City" due to its increasing population of Africans.

  5. The world's largest Ferris wheel sits atop the 1,480 foot Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China

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