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A man who committed suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge had left a suicide note that read "I'm going to walk to the bridge. If one person smiles at me on the way, I won't jump."

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A man who survived a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge but broke his back on impact was saved from drowning by a sea lion who kept him afloat until rescuers could reach him.

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  1. In April 1998 two women walked onto The Golden Gate Bridge at the same time intending to commit suicide. They did not know each other, but soon realized they were there for the same reason. A patrol officer saw them sitting on the railing, chatting. One jumped, followed by the other.

  2. When building the Golden Gate Bridge, the lead structural engineer insisted on the installation of a safety net even though its $130,000 cost was deemed exorbitant. Over the four years of its construction, the net saved 19 men, who named themselves the “Halfway to Hell Club.”

  3. A study titled "Where Are They Now?" in 1978 followed up on 515 people who were prevented from attempting suicide using the Golden Gate Bridge from 1937 to 1971. About 90% were either alive or had died of natural causes, concluding "suicidal behavior is crisis-oriented" rather than inexorable.

  4. Victoria's Secret founder sold it for $4m. (It's now worth over $5bn.) He then tried to start a children's retail store, and went bankrupt. He jumped to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge at age 46.

  5. An officer of the California highway patrol ,Sgt. Kevin Briggs, has stopped more then 200 people from committing suicide on the golden gate bridge.

  6. People who survived suicide attempts by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge often regret their decision in midair, if not before. Said one survivor: “I instantly realized that everything in my life that I’d thought was unfixable was totally fixable—except for having just jumped.”

  7. A San Francisco teen survived a 220ft plunge off the Golden Gate bridge while on a class field trip with no major injuries. When asked why he did it he said, "for kicks". (The official world record for a free fall into water is only 193ft)

  8. The founder of Victoria's Secret sold the company in 1982 for $1 Million and killed himself in 1993 by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge

  9. Victoria's Secret founder sold it for just $4m. (It's now worth more than $5bn.) He then tried to start a children's retail store, and went bankrupt. He jumped to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge at age 46 .

  10. A 17 year-old jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge (about 220 Feet) and survived with minor bruising. He did it to impress his friends.

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Number and exact location of suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge

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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was not originally going to be painted orange. The orange color was only supposed to be for a sealant and was to be painted with black and yellow stripes to ensure visibility by passing ships. The orange color worked better for fog so it was kept instead

There's a zipper truck on the Golden Gate Bridge that shifts the median from one lane to another to increase traffic flow in either direction. - source

During construction of the Golden Gate bridge a safety net was suspended under the floor of the Bridge from end to end. The net saved the lives of 19 men who became known as the “Halfway-to-Hell Club.”

When the Golden Gate Bridge was closed for the 50th anniversary and opened to foot traffic, the weight of all the people on it caused the bridge to sag seven feet and caused city officials to falsely fear the bridge would collapse. - source

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A 17 year old boy jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge as a dare and survived with his only injuries "bruising and tenderness"

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The suicide count at the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco was officially stopped at 997 "to prevent record breakers"

About the culture of suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge; in a study of survivors--after 26 years--over 90% polled were still alive or had died of natural causes; nearly every survivor says they regretted jumping immediately

About the halfway to hell club. It was an exclusive club formed by men who, while constructing the Golden Gate Bridge, fell from it but were saved by it's safety nets.

A man was believed to have jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge. A suicide note and his jacket were found and he was presumed dead. 1 year later he was found in Texas selling bibles.

The Golden Gate Bridge isn't named for its own coloring but rather for the mouth of the San Francisco Bay, which was named so even before the California gold rush.

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The Halfway to Hell Club, a exclusive club reserved only for workers who built the Golden Gate Bridge who fell off the bridge and was saved by the nets spread under it.

The color of the Golden Gate bridge is called International Orange, and is the same color as U.S. astronauts' spacesuits.

Most movies that depict the Golden Gate bridge collapsing get it wrong; they show the main span, then the towers, collapsing into the channel. If the main span collapsed, the cables would no longer be under tension, and the towers would bend back.

One of the longest bridges in the world is not in a city, but in rural Michigan. The Mackinac bridge is 5 miles long from anchorage to anchorage, making it the longest span between anchorages in the western hemisphere. It is comparable to the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

A San Francisco Highway Patrol Officer, called Kevin Briggs, has talked around 200 people out of suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge since 1994.

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During the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, a safety net was installed under the bridge. It saved the lives of 19 men, who formed the "Halfway to Hell" club. The club had its own letterhead, featuring a smiling, reclining worker in a net.

The Founder of Victoria's Secret, Roy Ramond, jumped to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge in 1993.

Cisco was named after the City San Francisco and the logo is based off the Golden Gate Bridge

It has the unfortunate claim to being the second highest most common suicide site in the world.

In 1987 during the Golden Gate Bridge 50th anniversary walk, poor crowd control led to 300,000 people being on the bridge at once, flattening out the center section of the bridge by 7 feet.

Despite concerns, construction began in January 1933 and the bridge was open to traffic on May 28, 1937. It only took four years to build.

In just the US, enough embalming fluid is buried every year to fill eight Olympic-size pools; more steel (in caskets alone) than was used to build the Golden Gate Bridge; and enough reinforced concrete to construct a two-lane highway from New York to Detroit.

It is thought that it got the name ‘Golden Gate" because the harbour reminded a US army Captain of a harbor in Istanbul. It was named the ‘Golden Horn".

Even though it is named the Golden Gate Bridge it is actually orange. This color was chosen because it was thought that it would blend well with the natural setting. The color also enhances its visibility to boaters.

The Half Way to Hell Club was an exclusive club organized by the men who fell from the Golden Gate Bridge during its construction in 1936 and 1937 and were saved by the safety nets.

The suspension span of the bridge is 4,200 feet and was the longest suspension bridge until New York City's Verrazano Narrows Bridge opened in 1964.

The total length of the bridge is 8,981feet. It is 746 feet above the water.

The Golden Gate Bridge Almost Ended Up With a Bumble Bee Paint Job

The ferry trip took 20 to 27 minutes depending on which route was taken to cross. It is possible to drive across the bridge in 10 minutes if there is no traffic. The speed limit is only 45mph to increase safety and reduce traffic accidents.

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