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About Curdi village in Goa, India, which was submerged in the 1980s by the reservoir of a nearby dam. Every year, at the peak of summer during April-May, parts of the submerged village rise above the water level, letting the original villagers come back to relive their memories.

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India annexed the Portuguese Indian territories of Goa, Daman and Diu with 36 hours of military action, which ended 451 years of Portugal's rule over its remaining exclaves in India.

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  1. In Goa India they make an alcoholic beverage out of cashew fruit called Feni.

  2. There was an armed conflict between Portugal and India in 1961 that saw the Indians annexing the Portuguese Overseas Territory of Goa.

  3. The Indian state of Goa was ruled by Portugal for hundreds of years, seceding to India in the 1970s. As a result, a large number of people there still speak Portugese, and are entitled to dual Portugese citizenship.

  4. During The Portuguese Inquisition in Goa, India, many Hindus who refused to convert to Christianity were burned at the stake in molten oil!

  5. Operation Vijay: India takes back the territory of Goa with 36 hours of military force, leading to the end of 451 years of Portugese rule in all Indian enclaves.

  6. Authorities in India rejected a plan to open its first Playboy Club in Goa on "technical grounds" and the magazine itself is banned in the country under its obscenity laws

  7. In Goa, India as per the latest Government Ruling, the Coconut Tree is now NOT a tree.

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