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When Roberto Clemente died in a plane crash off the coast of Puerto Rico, catcher Manny Sanguillen was the only Pirates teammate not to attend his funeral. Instead, he dove into the ocean where the plane crashed in a futile attempt to find Clemente's body.

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The celebrity holdout of the Mt. St Helens eruption, Harry Truman, refused to believe the volcano would be a threat to him. His family was futile in an attempt to bribe him away with whisky. On 05/18/80 Harry was buried under 150 ft of volcanic ash with his 16 cats.

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  1. The bacteria responsible for the bubonic plague, 'Yersinia pestis', spread to humans through fleas by inhibiting the flea's blood feeding, causing the flea to regurgitate the infected blood into the host's wound and go on an infectious biting spree in a futile attempt to feed itself.

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