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The Roman Emperor Caracalla slaughtered 20,000 Egyptians because they made a play mocking him

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When emperor Caracalla visited Alexandria, he was greeted with satires of him and other insults. He responded by massacring the city's citizens and pillaging it afterwards.

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  1. A Roman emperor, Caracalla was killed while urinating on the side of the road by one of his sword wielding bodyguards.

  2. The Roman Emperor Caracalla's decree making all freemen of the Roman Empire citizens is largely seen by modern historians as setting off a major expansion of the Imperial bureaucracy and push for greater uniformity in the laws applied through the empire

  3. On the first level there is a hallway that leads to room called the Hall of Caracalla. This room was not intended to be a tomb but does contain human bones as well as horse bones. This is thought to be a mass burial chamber for those who were killed in 215 A.D. by the Emperor Caracalla.

  4. The Roman emperor Caracalla, when visiting Alexandria because he loved Alexander the Great, heard some people making jokes about how he murdered his brother. In response, he had almost the entire city killed and buried wholesale, then didn't mention it more as they "deserved to suffer this fate"

  5. In 216 AD Roman emperor Caracalla peformed one of the original "Red Wedding" betrayals by offering to marry a Parthian princess only to attempt to have the Parthian royalty slaughtered at the wedding after a prearranged sign

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