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Ed Dwight was never accepted into the astronaut program, he trained in the US Air Force test pilot program, from which a small fraction were selected by NASA.

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Iron Maiden's lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, is also a commercial airline pilot and has flown the band's chartered Boeing 757 "Ed Force One", along with other high profile flights.

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  1. Ed Force One, the 747-400 airliner Iron Maiden tours in

  2. Similar to the Doors with Light My Fire, when the Rolling Stones appeared on Ed Sullivan they were forced to change their lyrics. "Let's spend the night together" became "Let's spend some time together" to which Jagger rolled his eyes each time when singing and slipped up a few times anyway.

  3. The song "Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again" (where the crowd always replies "No Way! Get F***ed! F*** off!") was performed in front of the Foreign Minister of East Timor, the Roman Catholic Bishop of East Timor, and a very embarrassed commander of Aussie forces in East Timor

  4. Iron Maiden is touring in a Beoing 747, "Ed Force One," piloted by the band's lead singer Bruce Dickinson

  5. U.S. Department of Justice Retiree Ed Chism convicted of an $87 million fraud gets to keep his $60K pension, and only served 8 months in a luxury prison complete with tennis courts and mini golf (Eglin Air Force Base)

  6. "Ed Force One", Iron Maiden's private plane, is flown by their lead singer Bruce Dickinson.

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