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Take This Lollipop is an interactive film which accesses viewer's Facebook profile and locates the viewer's home from data in profile. It depicts the dangers in posting too much personal info on the Internet. Information gathered is then deleted which makes the film different for each viewer.

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After an intense conflict between her and her label, Mariah Carey urged her fans in her website posts to request the song she wanted as a single to the radio stations. Sony then deleted all of her posts and released a single with the promotion so limited it wasn't even allowed to chart

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  1. In Alabama tomorrow is Jefferson Davis Day which is still a state holiday. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is jointly celebrated as Robert E Lee's Birthday, and April 22nd was Confederate Memorial Day. [Deleted prior post due to misleading title and reposted for accuracy]

  2. Before Driv3r was released in 2004, Atari gave two magazines exclusive access to the unfinished game in exchange for high review scores. After release, low scores from other reviews, and reader suspicion, admins on forums deleted posts questioning the magazine, covering up the scandal.

  3. Choosing not to publish a Facebook status does not delete the post; your browser sends the "self-censored" metadata back to Facebook.

  4. Reddit deleted all their backups of the stonetear posts Four Days After receiving the congressional Subpoena.

  5. My sister ruined a surprise party for one of her closest friends. I know this post is going to get deleted since it doesn't follow the rules, but I think its funny AF and wanted to share it with ya'll :)

  6. TwoXChromosomes deleted a post by a woman admitting to being an abuser because the victim was male

  7. You have to intentionally misspell the name "Ellin Pow" in order for the post to not get automatically deleted

  8. The professions of surgeons and barbers used to be one and the same as to cut hair or saw through bones, you needed surgically sharp instruments but split as each profession developed (thanks to the guy who had is post deleted on Ask Historians who suggested I look this up!)

  9. There is a thought experiment that has horrified multiple people who read it, forced some into depression, and forced the owner of the site to delete the post and ban all discussions on the same.

  10. I have to intentionally misspell the name "Ellin Pow" in order for the post to not get automatically deleted

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delete posts fact data chart about Deleted Frontpage Reddit Posts from July 19, 2018 to March 2
Deleted Frontpage Reddit Posts from July 19, 2018 to March 29, 2019

delete posts fact data chart about To verify well-known relationship between Hybrid Car's Milea
To verify well-known relationship between Hybrid Car's Mileage and Outside Temperature I recorded Data for past year on my 2010 Prius. Accidentally deleted last post.

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TIL deleted a user submission about Bill Clinton bombing Iraq in 1993 because "Hilary is still active, so TILs about Bill can't be posted."

A MOD on TIL would delete posts that were popular when they went against his racial ideology and has now deleted his account over being called out. - source

About a bill called the COVFEFE Act that would require the National Archives to preserve the president's tweets and other social media interactions while also barring the president from deleting posts. - source

About the Facebook "activity log", where all of your posts have been saved since day one. Warning: You will have the urge to delete everything...I know I did. High school...facepalm

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delete posts fact infographic about Total coronavirus cases versus related reddit posts at r/dat

Total coronavirus cases versus related reddit posts at r/dataisbeautiful. Previous post deleted due to misinformative and inaccurate representation.

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