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The Bikini Atoll’s flag is similar to the USA flag, but with black stars representing islands destroyed by nuclear testing, to serve as a reminder of the debt the US still owes them for nuclear fallout and radiation poisoning.

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The Native American "Shame Pole", a totem pole erected to embarrass people for not payment of debts or ridicule misdeeds. In 2007 one such pole was erected in Alaska depicting the CEO of Exxon to highlight an unpaid debt of $5m owed from the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

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  1. In the now-defunct Star Wars Expanded Universe, Chewbacca owes a life-debt to Han Solo because Han refused an order from the Imperial Navy to skin the Wookiee as punishment for commandeering a ship full of slaves. Han is dishonorably discharged for his insubordination.

  2. When U.S. space shuttles started linking up with Russia's Mir in 1995, both sides owed a small debt to the KGB. it was the KGB that successfully stole the U.S. designs in the '70s and '80s, unintentionally laying the groundwork for the compatibility between the U.S. and Russian systems.

  3. When Jimmy Kimmel asked a group of children how to solve America's debt problem after telling them "America owes China a lot of money, $1.3 trillion" one kid responded with "kill everyone in china."

  4. The Bureau of Indian Affairs still sends bolts of cloth every year to New York Indian tribes as part of the debt owed from the Treaty of Canandaigua of 1794

  5. When filing for bankruptcy, ex-NFL Player Mike Vick personally elected Chapter 11 Bankruptcy as opposed to Chapter 7, so he would be able to pay back his debt almost in full. Paying $17.4 million of the $17.6 million he owed. “I didn’t want to stiff people who never stiffed me”

  6. Senior citizens are the fastest-growing student debtors in US and owe more than $67 billion in student debt.

  7. We are required to accept cash “for all debts public and private”. Businesses can only refuse cash if they require payment before the service or merchandise is provided. Customers don’t owe the business a debt, until the service or merchandise is provided.

  8. In 1824, John Dickens was imprisoned for his unpaid debt of £40 (£4,520 today) owed to a baker. To help pay off the debt, his 12-year old son Charles worked 10 hours a day, 6 days a week in a boot-blacking factory, gluing labels onto cans for 6 shillings/week (£12.50 today).

  9. Great Britain sold much of their American investments, and borrowed currency from Wall Street and the American government for the war effort in World War 1 (WWI). In 1931, 4.4 billion USD was still owed. The last payment on that debt was made nearly a century after the war's end, in 2015.

  10. 2 years after Mexico beat France in the 1862 Battle of Puebla (marked by Cinco de Mayo), France did successfully, briefly, invade Mexico. Claiming it was to collect debts Mexico owed, they installed an Emperor of Mexico. 1 year later, a post-Civil War USA demanded the French leave, so they did.

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What percentage of the national debt is owed to social security?

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debt owed fact data chart about Inequality of Student Loans; Half of the outstanding student
Inequality of Student Loans; Half of the outstanding student loan debt is held by the 12% of borrowers owing more than $60,000

debt owed fact data chart about The US Owes More Than its Annual GDP: US Public Debt as a Pe
The US Owes More Than its Annual GDP: US Public Debt as a Percentage of GDP (1966-2018)

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The Post Office used to be a bank. Also, there is a "Bureau of the Public Debt" which -still- pays any amounts owed though the program was closed in 1966.

Augustus Caesar was rich enough that he could pay off every single student loan in the US, Pay off all credit card debt for every citizen in the US, All debt held by US states to the federal government, Pay of the debt of the lowest owing 120* countries and still be the richest man alive today - source

The flag of the Bikini Atoll, the island nation that is the namesake for the bikini, is strikingly similar to the US flag because the natives felt that the US owes them "a great debt" after the US set off a nuclear bomb on their island - source

About debt "parking", where debt collectors can affect your credit score without having to ever notify you that you owe money. This most often happens with small medical bills. (page 11 on the pdf/ labeled page 8)

Julius Caesar was so heavily in debt that moneylenders refused to let him leave Rome until his buddy Crassus paid a quarter of what he owed. - source

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USA owes over 34 billion $ in debt to Poland

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North Korea owes NYC $156,000 for unpaid parking tickets as part of a multitude of countries whose combined parking ticket debt to the state exceeds $16 million

In 1990 the IRS seized most of Willie Nelson's assets, claiming he owed the US Government US$16 million. To pay his debt, Nelson released an album featuring only him and his guitar. The album was titled "The IRS Tapes: Who'll buy my memories?"

Isao Okawa, the former president of Sega of Japan, forgave the debts Sega owed him and gave Sega Corporation his $695 million worth of stocks, making him an iconic part of Sega's history.

In America, you can be imprisoned for owing a debt of child support.

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In Dutch law the state can take people 'hostage' (gijzeling in Dutch) to force people to appear in court if the person refuses to pay his or her debts. In the latter case, the person in question is imprisoned one day for each €50 that are owed without cancellation of the debt.

The New York Times published piece titled "A Debt owed the Chinese - Their Aid to Allies in War Helpred to Bring on Present Famine" in 1921

About the Debt based Banking System and exactly why the world owes 180 trillion dollars debt and to whom.

A hedge fund operator can buy a part of the debt owed by a country, and then sue that country (often successfully) for much more than the debt.

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Most of the US debt is actually owed to the US

Randolph Hearst publishing empire started with the San Francisco Examiner, which his father had acquired as payment for a gambling debt owed him.

In 1975, Qassem Soleimani began working as a contractor for the Kerman Water Organization to help repaying a debt that his father owed. When not at work, he spent his time lifting weights in local gyms and attending the sermons of a traveling preacher, Hojjat Kamyab, a protege of Ali Khamenei.

33.5% of people who default on their student loan debt owe less than $5,000

Most of the United States debt is owed to the United states themselves

Just 7 years before Gold was discovered in California, Mexico tried to give California to England to settle debt that it owed, but England refused

USA owes over 34$ bilion in debt to Poland

Currently, Americans alone owe nearly $1.3 Trillion in student loan debt, with the average Class of 2016 graduate having $37,172 in student loan debt, up 6% from last year, and 11% of these borrowers are delinquent

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