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The reason that Cersei and Bronn never appear in the same scene in "Game of Thrones" is that the actors used to date, had a terrible breakup, and now have stipulations in their contracts that they can't be made to act in the same scene together.

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A serial killer won ABC's "The Dating Game" while in the midst of his killing spree.

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  1. In the midst of a three-year killing spree, over which he is believed to have murdered up to 130 people, serial killer Rodney Alcala was featured a contestant on The Dating Game, and was picked by the bachelorette. She never followed up on the date because she found him "creepy".

  2. An active serial killer was a contestant on The Dating Game. (He won.)

  3. "Hoser", as popularized by Bob & Doug McKenzie, dated back to when the Losers of outdoor hockey games in Canada had to hose the surface of the rink to make is smooth again.

  4. Paul Reubens tested out the appeal of the Pee Wee Herman character by responding to a cattle call audition for the Dating Game. They called him to appear on the show before he even made it back home.

  5. After 21 years, Trent Reznor is finally going to release the soundtrack from the video game "Quake" as an album on vinyl. No solid release date is yet given but release is expected "this year" according to Rolling Stone magazine.

  6. Calling "Dibs" comes from a game called “dibstones” and dates back to the 17th century

  7. A serial killer named Rodney Alcala, who made an appearance on television show The Dating Game in the midst of his murder spree - and won.

  8. Serial killer Rodney Alcala appeared on The Dating Game as a contestant in 1978 just 2 years before being convicted of 50 murders. The Bachelorette selected him, but cut it off cuz he was creepy.

  9. The game Rock Paper Scissors has Asian origin and dates back to 207 BC where it was originally called 'hand command'

  10. From 2008-13, a tech journalist made his son play through mainstream videogames dating back to the 1970s in chronological order. The objective was to find out whether the experiment made his son appreciate lo-fi modern indie games like Spelunky and FTL more than his peers - it did.

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dating game fact data chart about Relative age effect in English footballers. Your date of bir
Relative age effect in English footballers. Your date of birth affects your chances of making it in the game

dating game fact data chart about Expected publication date of the final two books of the "A S
Expected publication date of the final two books of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series (a.k.a. "Game of Thrones")

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A Haunted House so scary, all guests need a full mental and physical evaluation to participate. To date, no one has ever completed the game. - source

There is a Museum of Soviet Arcade Games in Moscow, where visitors can try out over fifty playable games (including Tankodrome!) dating from the Soviet Era. - source

Super Mario Bros 3 remains the highest-grossing non-bundled home video game to date, having grossed $1.7 billion, adjusted for inflation.

There have been numerous books about Space Invaders published dating as far back as 1982.

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While Mozart and his future wife Constanze were dating- they briefly broke up after she allowed a man to measure her calves during a parlor game.

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A couple named their child Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer because Bethesda said it would offer free Bethesda games for life to anyone who had a child born on 11.11.11 (Skyrim’s release date) and named it Dovahkiin.

On this date 55 years ago Jacques Plante became the first NHL goaltender to wear a mask in a game.

About the Royal Game of Ur, a board game dating back to at least 2600 bc, whose rules were reconstructed by Irivng Finkle using a single tablet of Babylonian script.

Sochi is the warmest city to hold the Winter Olympic Games to date.

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There have been more than 1,000 Xbox 360 games created and marketed to date.

Although people agree that the date March 10th was chosen for National Mario Day due to its appearance when written as MAR10, the origins of National Mario Day are not certain. It appears to have just caught on and gathered a following until it became a recognized day of celebration.

The longest professional baseball game lasted 33 innings. The final inning took place at a later date because both teams were delirious from exhaustion and the game was suspended by the league president after the 32nd inning.

Bethesda offered free games for life for any couples naming their children Dovahkiin on 11/11/11 (Skyrim's release date); Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer was born.

Ruth Thalía Sayas Sánchez and El Valor de la Verdad, the game show that challenged her to reveal personal and embarrassing secrets about herself. After revealing that she accepted money for sex while dating her boyfriend, he murdered her. The game show was renewed for a second season.

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Actor Chris Evans (Captain America) was the model the character "Tyler" in the board game Mystery Date

The Nintendo Wii is the smallest home gaming console created for commercial sale to date.

Rodney Alcala, convicted rapist and serial killer, appeared on the show The Dating Game while on his killing spree, where he was chosen by the woman for a date

Rodney Alcala serial killer of at least 8 women once appeared on "The Dating Game" and won

In 1997, in a German coal mine, wooden spears dating from around 400,000 year ago were found, upsetting the idea that humans began big game hunting around 40,000 years ago.

The Harlem Globetrotters have actually lost games to The Washington Generals; 6 to date.

The Dating Game killer Rodney Alcala wasn't the only serial killer to be on a game show. Serial murderer Edward Edwards was on What's My Line in the 70's posing as a reformed criminal.

A video game named Star Citizen has been in development since 2012 and to date has raised over $150 million in crowdfunding

Rodney Alcala, a serial killer who appeared on The Dating Game as a bachelor in 1978. He was actually chosen over the other two bachelors, but the woman who chose him decided not go out with him because she thought of him as creepy.

Sega Saturn had a "surprise" N. American launch at E3 in order to get ahead of the Playstation which was about to announce their N. American release date and lower price later that day. Everyone was surprised including retailers, who began receiving systems and games that day, and developers.

The Ouija board was originally intended to be a fortune telling game, similar to the Magic Eight Ball. They were even advertised as fun date activities.

Lena Headey (Cersei on Game of Thrones) and Jerome Flynn (Bronn) dated prior to GoT. Their relationship ended badly, resulting in the two being kept apart on set.

Paul Reubens went on the show "The Dating Game" as Pee-wee Herman before the character was famous

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