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No credible evidence that foreign aid promotes economic growth; the relationship is negative.

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In 2003, the Federal Trade Commission required Global Instruments, the maker of the Pest-A-Cator/Riddex series of electromagnetic pest control devices, to discontinue any claims for their efficacy until they are backed by credible scientific evidence.

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  1. There is no credible historical evidence that Betsy Ross made or had a hand in designing the American flag. Based on letters and the congressional record at the time of the War for Independence, history reveals that the real designer of America’s first flag was a patriot named Francis Hopkinson.

  2. The pentagon has a UFO program and have CREDIBLE evidence of UFO's visiting earth...

  3. There is an expedition underway (with daily updates beginning today) to search Nikumaroro, an island in the South Pacific with credible evidence of Amelia Earhart's crash landing in 1937.

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